As a Pacific Islander our faith and spirituality are strong components of who we are, whether we choose to show it publicly or keep it more private.
As professional athletes we are used to the discipline and devotion it takes to succeed on the field, we only need apply that same dedication to our spiritual life off the field because as important as the battles we face on the field, the most important opposition we will ever come across will be off the field. The Bible is very clear about having an active pursuit of Jesus and keep this fire burning inside of us. However the problem with many Christians is that they are forever depending on someone to come and fan their flames. That’s a group that’s active about their passion inside them who don’t passively wait but actively call upon the Lord.
They may not be as loud as you, or even dressed like you. But they have some fire burning within them. Often, I come across many Christians who don’t want any other preacher preaching to them, no other book, just Bible and God. After all the other sermons die down, the Word that speaks to you directly is what will keep you going.
The Word Team are a range of experts when it comes to sourcing out the best inspirational material for you.

About The Word The Word Team are a range of experts when it comes to sourcing out the best inspirational material for you. At the end of the day if you really want to follow him you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse.
They bring Read More+ Letting Go of Judging People One of the best changes I’ve made to help me be happier is learning to se Read More+ Spirituality 5 Practical Tips to Keep the Fire Burning Inside You The Bible is very clear about having an active pursuit of Jesus and keep Read More+ 3 Steps to Receive a Greater Dimension of God Many of us live in a narrow understanding of the visible realm and it’s h Read More+ 10 Critical Keys to Be a Blessing to Your Church! It’s ok that you are surrounded with people who have no fire of God inside them, but if they are your only source of fellowship, then you have a problem!
While I like their passion, it’s also at this point the enemy fills their heart with pride. Find other ministers and conferences (Yes pay for it, if you must) that carry the fire of God. If you are a Christian athlete the following points are helpful tips to keeping that fire burning off the field. The enemy would love for us to believe that we have monopoly over God’s Word and that everyone else is wrong. There are more counts of such people going into extremes and cultic practices because of this isolation.

We spend time worshipping and praying together most nights, it’s not always easy as life gets in the way especially now that we have a newborn in the mix, but it is something I believe in and something I am fully committed to. Also don’t sit there expecting it all to come to you, get off Instagram and start searching for local churches, small groups etc.
Don’t sleep without that little something engaging your heart to go the extra mile for God.
We can be overcome by all the praise, the attention, the ballooning egos that we sometimes lose our identity, lose our faith and ultimately lose who we really are.
You never know, it may open the door to other brothers who have been keeping it on the down low, then bam you have some team mates to fellowship with.

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