And although they give you high speed free internet for an hour already, I just discovered that for R29 per month you get 5GB locally and another 5GB internationally!
Just over a month ago, on the 23rd April, I was invited to the launch of the Voices Club  at the Taj Hotel (inside the old Reserve Club) with 200 like minded women. After the inspiring talks, canapés and a good few glasses of wine, a few of us (who had just met) joined together for a nightcap across the road and chatted honestly about being women in business and the effects it has on our personal lives. I’ve gathered up some of the juiciest gems from my favorite females about their dating war stories.

Cape Town Rugby Tens is the monster Rugga-Bugga version of Rovers in Durban, back in the day. Nice young lady to spoil her and treat like a princess - Durban - KwaZulu Natal - I love to dance. So it took me by surprise when I arrived one morning to see a fellow Durbanite chilling outside with the morning paper.
He then asked if I could pick him up from the side of the road, outside his office, time non specific – he’d just be there, hanging out.

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