It’s vital for you to know that you are in a bad relationship for both your physical and mental well-being.
Sometimes we are so blindly in love with our partner that we fail to see the obvious signs of a bad relationship. If you have been dating and spending time for a while (a few weeks or a month) but there is no title or name to your relationship, it’s okay.
Another obvious sign of a bad relationship is when either person is lying a lot in the relationship. Infidelity refers to betray someone by overstepping your mutually-decided boundaries when you are in a relationship.
For marriages to survive the test of time and even relationships for that matter, it is extremely necessary that the partners are loyal to each other.

You are in a relationship in which you have always felt anxious, stressed, worried and depressed.
But if there’s been a milestone, like 6 months or a year, and still your partner is introducing you as just a friend or it’s still not clear on what stage your relationship is, then most likely your relationship isn’t going to last much longer.
One of the signs that you are in bad relationship is that you are facing severe trust issues. Whether the lying is about the feelings you have for one another, or whom you’re with or going out with, it is terribly bad for a relationship. If you aren’t willing to accommodate each other in your life and schedule, it’s time you honestly think about the future of your relationship. Save yourself the emotional trauma of a bad relationship and understand that you deserve better.

At this stage, we need to realize that it is just not worth your time and efforts to be in a bad relationship. If you are a victim of an abusive relationship, seek help from police or a friend or family.
If you are changing your values, opinions, dressing style to suit your partner, need to constantly fish for words before saying and are constantly being scrutinized, it’s best to let the relationship go.

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