A manager has an extraordinary amount of influence over your career, so this is not an appointment you want to take lightly. Getting a manager interested in working with you is much like approaching a label, agent or promoter.
Your goal is provide your prospective manager with a good idea about the kind of music you make and how far along you've come in your career on your own.
Now, managers get inundated with pitches from musicians, so don't go calling them every hour, on the hour, the day after you send in your info.
In addition to being sure that this manager is on the same page with you in terms of direction, you need to be sure that there is some kind of chemistry between you all. For your sake and for the sake of the manager, you should never enter into any sort of management deal without a contract. You’ve managed to get together some decent looking video (more important that video quality is performance quality) of you performing live in front of actual people who appear like they care that you exist and aren’t in it for the free drinks.
You’ve spent quality time with other musicians and traded business ideas and information in ways that benefit everyone involved. 2)   Professional music executives – people who do music management full time or do music business related work for a living and have connections, experience and leverage that make them able to help aspiring artists. 4)   Wealthy individuals who love music and want to be in the music business for any number of reasons. I’m guessing that these are smaller indie labels given that you refer to them as being in locales that the tour will visit (most major labels would be based in NY, LA or Nashville), so the main advice I would give is to get on the phone and speak to someone there to find out who would be the person at that label to send some material to. You might find that a posted package is unnecessary – a link to SoundCloud where they can hear music (or Bandcamp or similar) and to a website for info plus YouTube channel and Facebook may well tell them enough to pique their interest.
Well you obviously already know my name is BayLee but still I feel like I need to formally introduce myself.
As a singer (or any type of artist) you need to make the noise that will bring managers and labels to you.

If you’re having problems getting music recorded we have a very detailed piece on working with songwriters and getting producers to collaborate with you coming up soon. In short, make some great music and put it in front of people who will care and there are many, many ways to do that.
If you are looking for someone who can help you book shows, send out some demos for you, set up some digital distribution and so forth - in other words, if you're at the stage of establishing yourself - then you may already know your manager. If you don't know anyone who can serve as manager or if you are past the point where you can work with a manager who learns with you, then ask around for referrals to good managers. Your next step is to have a meeting with the manager-to-be to discuss your goals and how they would be able to help you reach them.
You may be spending a lot of time with your manager, and you all need to be able to have open and honest communication. If that doesn’t do it for you read this great article by one of my favorite metal managers.
That’s because we have pointed all people approaching us in our usual job as artists managers to this blog as a shorthand way of telling them some of the basic, but often hidden, information that we think all aspiring artists need to know.
And, as I have already had to defend on the blog, I need to know what you look like as well as how you sound.
Inside you’ll get our ten core tips that every DIY and Indie musician needs to follow to create great music, attract fans, build a fanbase, and have a successful career in music. He is also the owner of Make It In Music, an online site that is the ultimate resource for aspiring musicians offering advice, tips, and insight on all the skills needed by modern artists to succeed in the rapidly changing music industry. Ask fellow musicians, do some research to see who manages your fav acts, ask promoters and bookers when you do your shows and so on.
If you're working with a manager with more experience and they hand you a complex contract, get legal advice. If I can tell that you have bothered to find out why we might be able to help you (you are similar to a band we rep, or something), then I am immediately more likely to listen.

I’m not going to dismiss you out of hand if you look like the back end of a bus, but I need to know so that I can balance all the factors.
You need to create a plan to record tracks and build some fans who love what you’re doing and go from there. I have a link to a single, and I’m contacting labels who live in locales where the musician will stop on his national tour. If the label release different genres you need to make sure you’re sending to the person who works your genre. If you are at the point where you need a professional manager, then you are at the point where you know people who can make these recommendations. Never, ever, ever sign a contract you don't understand, and never, ever, ever work with a manager without a contract.
I’ve been contacting record labels and some potential managers but they so far they have all started asking for money straight off the back. Before you go manager hunting, make sure you understand what they do and why you might need one. The downside here is that this person may need to learn as they go, but the upside is that you'll have an enthusiastic manager working cheap - not a bad deal.
I just want to get my music out there and I’d love to opportunity to sing and perform for people.

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