If your husband wants a divorce but you do not, you are likely struggling with intense emotions of sadness, anger and confusion. Do Not ExplodeDo not let your anger control you when your husband announces he wants to divorce. Be PatientBe patient with your husband as he sorts out his emotions and tries to figure out what steps to take regarding your relationship.
Listen to Your SpouseListening to your husband as he explains why he is considering divorce may help save your marriage.
NegotiateNegotiate with your husband in order to please him while not yet accepting the idea of divorce.

You do not want to push your spouse even further away by pleading with him to stay, but you do not want to act like you do not care, either. It's likely your husband has been trying to get a message across to you for some time, and is desperate for a change in your relationship. He may be set on separating, but Fertel advises agreeing that your marriage needs work, not a divorce. Although you may not be able to save your marriage if your husband is already completely set on getting a divorce, you can take some helpful steps that will raise the chances that he will decide to stay and that your marriage will be saved.
Richard Kulerski states that the process of negotiation is only as fast as its slowest participant, and if your husband is refusing to talk to you as often or as thoroughly as you would like, give him the time he needs to work through his feelings.

Propose the idea of spending at least one year trying to resolve your relationship problems and learn more about how to become closer as a couple.
There may be nothing you can do, but often the root cause of your husband's dissatisfaction is something you have the power to change. There is a chance you may be able to resolve your problems and restore the happy marriage you once had.

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