If want to know how to tell someone to leave you alone, then you must be dealing with a lot of pain and frustration. Though it’s important to find a good place and time if you care about the person you’re talking to, you also shouldn’t wait around forever for the perfect time to come along.
For example, if the person is a girl who has a crush on you, you can say, “I’m sorry that I don’t return your feelings. If the person is an annoying person who keeps trying to hang out with you, just say, “I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested in spending time with you. If the person has actually done things to annoy you or make your life difficult or if you’ve already given him or her a few chances, then you can say this to get the message across. If the other person gets mad and says things to taunt you or make you upset, don’t let it get to you. If a girl likes you and you don’t return her feelings, you can be honest about the fact that you don’t feel the same way without explaining that she’s just not your type and that you like girls who are taller, or saying that you think she’s annoying. If the person is a younger sibling, while you can’t get him or her to leave you alone forever, you can say something like, “I’d really like some privacy while I hang out with my friends. Before you leave the conversation, you should make sure that the person understanding in no uncertain terms that you are to be left alone.
Though you may not feel like saying thank you, it’s only polite, and it may lead you to have a better understanding with the other person. If the person is a bully, then having your friends there with you can make a big impact on your confidence. Your friends or siblings should be there for support, but you should do as much of the talking as you can, to show that you can stick up for yourself.
Your true friends will be there for you through thick and thin and will understand that you’re in a tricky situation. If your friends are always with you, then the person will lose interest, whether he has a crush on you or wants to taunt you. You can confide in your close friends about what’s happening and ask for their advice, but you should avoid telling just about anyone who comes your way about the situation, or the person will hear all about it.
If the person is a bully, then he’ll threaten you and will say that you’ll be in trouble if you tell your teachers or administrators. If the person sees that his words or presence don’t affect you or make you upset and that you couldn’t really care about what he or she says, then he’ll lose interest.
Keep your language clean and be nice when you talk to others, otherwise you seem unintelligent.
Try to get along with the person, maybe they would make a good friend after all or perhaps you can help them find a friend if they are just lonely. If someone frightens you in any way, or they want money or threaten you tell a trusted adult. For example, if you are in your cubicle at work and the office’s chatty Cathy or Carl won’t leave you alone, start shuffling through papers and mumbling about what reports need to be finished.
You might also decide on a signal with someone else before entering a party or other function.
Though it’s never easy or pleasant to tell someone to leave you in peace, whether you’re dealing with a bully, a classmate, or a person who has a crush on you, the sooner you break the news, the sooner you’ll be able to get back to your life. If you want to tell someone who means well to leave you alone, then it’s important to find a nice, quiet place to do it.
Don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable situation if you’d rather not be alone with the person.
Once you get the person alone, it’s important to be open and honest about the fact that you want to be left alone.
If need to take deep breaths or even need to excuse yourself for a minute to get the message across, then don’t be afraid to do so. Though you may think it’s better to make excuses to soften the blow, if you say things like, “Now is not a good time for me” or “I’m just not ready to date, but I really like you,” then you’ll just be giving the person false hope. But if you do that, then you won’t be getting the message across and the person will come right back to you. Say, “I don’t want to hang out with you anymore because you always end up making fun of me.
If the person is genuinely nice, then you shouldn’t try to hurt his or her feelings more than you need to.
If you respect the person and he or she has something to say, then you should give him and her the chance to talk. Wait for the person to say what he or she has to say, respond as kindly as you can, and get ready to end the conversation. Before you end the conversation, it’s important to ask the person if he’s clear on the fact that you are to be left alone. If the person has really been bothering you and you don’t want to be alone with him or her, then you should get a few friends, an older sibling, or even a parent or teacher to go with you when you ask to be left alone.
Though you may try to settle it yourself first, if that hasn't worked, having your friends around can make a difference.
If you really need to be firm, then you shouldn’t make small talk but should come right out and say it. The person may have some excuses for why he doesn’t want to leave you alone or how he thought he was just helping you out or thought that you really liked him, deep down. If the person really doesn’t seem like he or she is getting it, then you can start bringing on the consequences.
If you can name specific teachers or administrators you will tell, then that will scare the person off much more effectively.
They’ll appreciate the fact that you went to them with your problem and will feel responsible for you. They’ll make sure to spend more time with you and will see to it that you’re never alone if you’re feeling unsafe.

If the person you want to be rid of is a real bully, then they’ll tell you that you need to get more help than they can provide. If you gossip about the person or keep talking about how he won’t leave you alone, then it’ll get back to him.
If the person is really persistent and follows you around or keeps pestering you everywhere you go, then it may be time to get your teachers or your administrators involved. If you’ve tried everything and have even gotten parents and administrators involved, then you can work on changing your routine to avoid the person for a little while. But if walking to school a new way leads you to avoid the person who is bothering you, then it may be worth it.
Though ignoring a person isn’t the most mature way to get him or her to leave you alone, if you’ve tried having a conversation, telling other people, and even avoiding him or her, then this may be something you have to try. And if you leave every time he or she shows up, then that will grow old, too, which is exactly what you want.
If you’re dealing with a person who won’t leave you alone and that person is threatening to you, then the most important thing is that you stay safe. If you genuinely feel like you’re in danger, you should absolutely say something as soon as you can. If any of these words describe you, you may want to avoid a specific person or group of people. There are a variety of cues that you can give someone to let them know it is time to leave. Inevitably, you’ll come into contact with people, but there are several techniques that will discourage interaction from the start.
You can then tell the person you’re trying to escape from that you need to speak with the other person.
Set up your email account to automatically reply to email addresses you don’t want to talk to.
If you know that you are going to be away from your email for a period of time and don’t want to receive dozens of emails about the same issues, simply set up an automated response with text like: “I am currently either out of office or unavailable for [insert period of time]. An app called Cloak collects geo-positioning data from other social medias like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and then tells you if someone you are trying to avoid is nearby.[7] It is not foolproof, but it can be a good tool especially if you're trying to avoid a person who uses social media a lot. If you have a person who accepts no blame for their relationship with you, they may try to irritate you into talking.
If your relationship has escalated to harassment and even stalking, you might consider calling the police and filing a restraining order. Human beings are social creatures — some more than others — but if you have excluded everyone from your life, you may want to get some help.
The most important thing is to remain calm and to be as direct as possible; if a conversation doesn’t work, then you may need some additional help from your friends, teachers, or parents. Whether the person is someone who has a crush on you or just an annoying classmate, if you feel comfortable around the person, then you should try to tell him or her in a quiet place where you can be alone without the threat of someone coming in and asking what’s happening. However, if you want to get the message across, then the best thing you can do is try to remain calm and keep your wits about you. Instead of doing this, telling the person that you’re honestly not interested will make it much more likely that the person will get the message and will leave you alone.
It can be tricky to find a balance between getting your point across and being sensitive, but you should work to make it clear you don’t want to spend time with the person without name-calling or being insulting.
As long as the person is emotionally stable and just genuinely likes you a lot, he or she may want you to listen for a little while. You want to make sure that your words had a lasting effect and that your message was received loud and clear.
Just say, “Leave me alone” or “Please leave me alone from now on.” Though this won’t be pleasant, the sooner you get the message across, the better.
Don’t say “go away,” “not now” or “I’m busy,” but make it clear that you want to be left alone at all times, for good.
If the person is a bully or just not worth your time, then there’s no need to explain why you want to be left alone; that should be obvious. If you’re serious about wanting to be left alone, then you should make it clear that you won’t take these excuses and aren’t open to having a debate or a conversation. Say that you’ll talk to your parents, the person’s parents, your teachers, your school administrators, or even the police if the person really does not listen to you. If you plan on telling your parents, you can say that you can pick up the phone and call your dad at work, right now. Let them know that you’re feeling threatened, or just really, really annoyed by the person who won’t leave you alone. Not only can they be around you more when you think the person who won’t leave you alone will be there, but they can also help tell the person to leave you alone and will discourage him or her from following you around. Not only will this make him angry or even more persistent, but he may even have the idea that you really do like him or want him to come around.
Tell them that the situation has gotten out of control and see what punitive measures they can take to keep you safe from the other person. Though you shouldn’t have to change your life too much to suit the other person, if you’re reaching your last resort, then you can work on avoiding places where the person is likely to be. If that person walks by and says something mean to you or smiles at you, act like he or she doesn’t exist.
The person may be more than annoying and may even be emotionally unstable, and you should make sure that you feel safe and protected at all times. She’s proud of teaching herself how to design wikiHow Talk pages and now puts those skills to use regularly, helping out other users.
Generally, if you turn away from the person this is an obvious clue that your conversation has come to an end.
If the person you are dealing with is quick to violence or anger, another route might be preferable.

If you are at home and your parents are bothering you to do something you don’t want to, you can put in headphones.
I will respond to messages in the order that it is received when I return to the office on [insert date of return].” This way you don’t have to return dozens of emails and everyone will know exactly what to expect. If you are forced to interact with someone who hasn’t responded to your subtle or direct forms of communication, you might need to resort to more obvious, non-violent measures.
It can be very tempting to strike someone who is bothering you rather than stick to your non-violent methods. He likes reviewing recent changes, improving or "boosting" new articles, doing “wikiGnome” tasks where he helps out behind the scenes, and taking “wiki walks.” The first article he started, which earned a Rising Star, was How to Organize an iPod Touch, and his favorite article he’s worked on has been How to Become a Psychiatrist.
You should also find a time when the person you want to talk to isn’t distracted, busy, or stressed out, so the conversation goes as well as it can.
If the person is your neighbor or classmate who always wants to hang out and you’re just not interested, then get the point across.
If you feel yourself getting emotional, take a deep breath, and give yourself some time to return to your senses. If you want to be nice, then give the person this allowance, taking the time to really pay attention. You can even see if the person will repeat that he’ll leave you alone so he sees that you’re serious and that you weren’t just having the conversation for fun. This conversation was likely pretty difficult for both of you, and you should try to wrap it up positively, given the context. If this is someone whom you really need to be firm with, then you shouldn’t waste time on small talk.
Though it won’t feel great to say these words, it’ll be far better than being wishy washy and making the person think you’d be up to seeing him or her again.
It’s important that the person knows that this cannot drag on any longer and that you mean business. Make the person see that you’ve put a lot of thought into him leaving you alone and he will be scared off. You may be a little embarrassed telling your parents about it if the person really has a crush on you, but they can help you get rid of the annoying person and deal with the situation. Having an adult involved can sometimes change the person’s mind and will help him take your threats seriously. This can mean hanging out in a new part of the park, going to a different movie theatre, or discovering a new restaurant with your friends.
If that person somehow makes it into a group conversation you’re having, casually walk away.
While you shouldn’t stay at home all day for fear of running into the person, you should make sure that you’ve taken measures to protect yourself from this person, even if this means contacting the authorities. Sometimes, joy can be found in solitude.[1] No matter what your motive is, you’ll want to approach the situation carefully.
You know that the party will be stale and that you’ll inevitably have to talk to people you don’t like. No one welcomes confrontation, but when it is time to ask someone to leave you alone, you should do it politely. You'll want to slap or punch someone who is particularly insulting or annoying, but resist the urge. Say it loud and clear so there can be no mistake that you just don’t want to see the person. If you keep your cool, then the person will see that he can’t mess with you and that he should take you seriously. Besides, you want to end the relationship, whatever it may be, not fuel the fire and lead the person to keep bothering you for even longer. Though you shouldn’t make this last more than a few minutes, if you care about the person even a little bit, then can take this time to listen. Of course, it can’t be too positive if you’re asking to be left alone, but you can try to be as nice as possible.
If you’re struggling with being direct, have the friends with you help get the message across. They can make you feel safer and can even take further action to limit your contact with the person.
If you really want to make it seem like you want to be left alone, then you should just drop the subject as much as you can. Perhaps, they won’t want to hassle with asking you to remove your headphones in order to talk to you. One of the easiest ways to eject yourself from this kind of situation is to enlist someone else’s help. Start off by gaining their attention and then, in a soft voice, ask them if they wouldn’t mind leaving.
Similarly, if you are reading a book, working on homework, or doing something else, your parents might avoid disrupting you and therefore talking to you. No matter what the reason is, be tactful and give them some indication why you need them to leave. If someone has physically assaulted you or made threatening remarks to you or your loved ones, consider a restraining order. This doesn’t mean that you need to lose all tact and say something offensive, but you can say, “I’m just not interested.
If direct, tactful communication doesn’t work, sometimes you’ll have to resort to more extreme measures.

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