They will constantly try to be in contact with you when they are not around you, always want to be around you, always question you about all things, possibly get angry or a te…mper arises if you are not talking to them enough.
It isn't possible to get all that you need in life from another human being and trying to do so will smother the other person and will leave you feeling dependent and helpless.
While you are obsessing over one person, the person who would actually be more compatible with you might walk right on by. People who change plans because of someone pushing them tend to end up really resenting that person.

Feeding an obsession can give you a little burst of pleasure, so it's really hard to break the habit.
When the obsessive thoughts arise, have a few good distractions lined up so you won't fall into the rabbit hole again. An obsession is only a problem when it starts to absorb all of your time and energy, leaving none left over for everything else.
LAST but NOT the LEAST,If you are bit comfortable with people younger than you, then you can be my friend, as I love to make friends.

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