But contrary to what some folks might say, it is perfectly possible--and vital--to maintain a level of sexual intimacy with your mate, even if it does require some creative thinking to get the job done.
We promise ourselves that, somehow, we'll tend to our infant children and still make time to give our manes Veronica Lake-worthy waves, hit the gym and tone our derrieres until they're tighter than J.Lo's rumpshaker, apply a full face of makeup every morning, and wear tacones while pushing a stroller like Latina versions of Posh Spice. Cut yourself some slack: New moms tend to be their own harshest critics, obsessing about any weight gained during pregnancy or stretch marks left on bellies and thighs. Reconsider co-sleeping with your kids: Attachment parenting advocates will extol the virtues of children sleeping with their parents, but this technique can wreak havoc on parents' sex lives, leaving them virtually no time for intimacy. TV can be your friend: Sure, you don't want your child to be a mindless being who spends all his time glued to a television or computer screen.

Flirt throughout the day: Send each other naughty texts while you're apart and give yourself permission to be coy and racy. If your mother, sister, cousin or in-laws are volunteering to babysit, take them up on their offer and, at least once a month, schedule a night for you to spend with your mate without any children in sight.
But occasionally playing a Disney movie for your kid and retiring to the next room to handle some grown-up business doesn't make you a bad parent. Placing your hand on his chest, caressing his face, or resting your head on his shoulders can all help to maintain the strong physical and emotional connection between the two of you —which will, in turn, make you both more eager to explore each other carnally.
Just because you're now a parent doesn't mean you've lost your identity as a powerful sexual being, so embrace that part of yourself.

So whenever you begin to feel self-conscious, take a minute to look at yourself through your mate's eyes.

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