There is a form of self-esteem that is based on an understanding of who God is and a person's relationship with God. Look for writings that show God's love for his children, a love that mirrors and transcends the love a parent has for a child.
Begin renewing your mind, actions and thoughts to reflect the things you've studied (put on the new man, and all of the armor of God) as you are converted by God and are born again. Notice that God will be with you when you come across obstacles in your life that will be impossible to overcome, "all by yourself". Live for God, when it's all done: remember, if you are a Christian, you are living in the world, but you are not "of" the world.
The rules of world's peoples, their esteem, their clothing, everything of theirs is just that, theirs; not given over to God's will. Remember that you may not see Godly things as the answer to your problems even though they might be better for you than you can ever believe, think or imagine. Understand that God made you for a reason, as in the Bible many have done what God wanted them to do, and look how they affected history. You can trust God to protect you and keep you safe, knowing that He is with you at all times, He will look after you in this world, and in heaven. The Bible is fully inspired by God's Holy Spirit so know that He does not merely want you to be confident in yourself.

Help her through bad hair days, bad moods, if she put on a few (or too many) pounds, has illness or depression issues (seek appropriate help!). These are records of God's dealings with the men and women on earth and the prophecies he sent through prophets. Look also for evidence that God is; creator, righteous, holy, loving, good, and not capable of any evil.
You are God's loved child, and as his child, you must rely fully on him for everything, including self-esteem. Remember that she is a precious gift that God has given you and always be thankful for her. No man can build a habit of glances without subconsciously doing it in his wife's company, and she will definitely notice and be hurt. Knowing that your true self is connected to the fact that God created you and loves you even though you are a sinner, provides true confidence. God also knows that when one lives life the way He's prescribed for us, by obeying his commands, that person will be living life in the most abundant way possible.
However, in the end, this transformation brings spiritual death if it is just miracles and angels without Christ. His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Change an Accu Chek Spirit or Combo Insulin Pump Cartridge and taking the photos to turn it into a Featured Article.

The responsibility upon the man to grow to love, and express love, for every part of his wife is needed. Her favorite article she’s worked on has been How to Make Leche Flan, and she’s proud of being a Featured Author. If you turn away from sin and accept that Christ died on the cross and rose again to save you from eternal separation from God, then the Holy Spirit will regenerate you and make you into a new person. No matter what the size or shape, if a man will try, and ask God to help him, he can grow to truly find his wife's body to be the most attractive in the world.
You will be shocked at how this one maneuver will increase your feelings of masculinity and her feelings of femininity.
She loves how everyone in the wikiHow community is so friendly and willing to help and answer questions.
Think of how good she will feel when both you and her truly believe that you are enamored with every part of her!

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