Some of us love games – puzzles, cards, sports that rely on physical prowess as well as strategy and teamwork. Some of us especially love the games and challenges we set out for ourselves – in which we strive to beat a personal best.
On the subject of mind games, deception, and specifically, social manipulation, Psychology Today addresses this topic. You may find yourself engaged with a needy personality; what feels manageable in Year One may become intolerable by Year Three. At the end of the day if there is manipulation in your personal life that causes you damage or danger, it needs to be addressed or avoided. You may keep playing these games over and over again until something like "Mind Habits" occur, where you'll say a word and then automatically repeat. These are adversaries you don’t want to tangle with in games that will leave you hurt, depleted, and even devastated.

When the player is a mother or father, the words and acts of manipulation are intertwined with our earliest experience and the cruelest inner voices. It’s always entertaining to watch two master manipulators use mind games against each other in an attempt to win. Unfortunately, if you share children with a manipulator, you are forced into dealing with him or her.
Be very, very careful when you share children with a master manipulator because once you are gone they’ll have no other choice than to manipulate they are own and this can lead to child abuse, physical, emotional and sexual. Soon, you will start to wonder how you actually pronounce it and it will start to lose its meaning.
There is also fighting the isolation that manipulative personalities may cause – which is, of course, to their advantage.
Games ignite creativity, encourage problem-solving, inspire ideas and polish interpersonal skills.

But problem is with those who are manipulators by nature, people born in the sign of cancer are natural manipulators alas I am cancer too…and I finally won against mine dark side. I think every time I am about to end it or think I have a grasp at whats going on he does something that sucks me back in or I start with self doubt. We learn the power of persuasion and its rewards, and we exert our influence without explicit intent to harm. Don’t believe them, the only way to find out natural manipulator is to devise a trap, make a situation that you KNOW he will try to manipulate, but many times they can see through this and play it on the good side, you have to be smart around them. I saved the quotes from the Psychology Today article, read it daily to remind myself what is happening to me is real…no matter how innocent and evasive and victimized he plays.

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