Asking his friends has a very serious downside: You may be given bad information about whether or not he likes you. Communicate openness by smiling, taking off your headphones, talking to people around you, smiling at strangers, and laughing when you feel like it.
Because he's shy and doesn't express his feelings often, you might get the idea that he's not interested when he actually is. His inability to talk might be nervousness: He's got a crush on you, and he's so afraid of saying something weird or stupid that he's told himself it's better just not to talk when you're around. Blushing can be tough to see, but on some guys it's obvious: His face lights up and he looks like he's just run a mile.
Since shy guys suppress their feelings so much more than other guys, keeping their interest a secret and sometimes avoiding their crushes altogether, they often steal glances to make up for it.
Everybody gets nervous when chatting with the person they like, but for shy guys, it’s even worse; usually, they will give you either short, quiet, possibly even snappy answers or they’ll speak very quickly and ramble on out of sheer panic. It's not that he's not interested in the conversation; it's that he's too interested in the conversation and doesn't want to say anything that might reveal his affection for you. It's not necessarily that he likes your friends, it's that he wants an excuse to be closer to you, and he wants to be able to hear about you from the people who know you best. Though shy guys will avoid actively pursuing whoever they’re interested in, they will often do things passively to show that they care.
If he's not great at math, don't ask him to help you out with geometry — it'll only make him more nervous.

A lot of shy guys feel more comfortable writing from behind a screen than speaking face-to-face. Shy guys are usually pretty good about asking questions (they don't want to have to talk all the time). Shy guys often feel at odds with the world — like it's moving at one speed and they're moving at another.
Shy guys will stay in the friend zone for painfully long periods of time, agonizing about the pros and cons of asking you out.
You can send him as many notes in class as you want, or lick your lips so often that it tastes like you're eating lip gloss. He loves improving new articles, expanding short how-tos into more detailed and helpful ones, and reviewing and approving new edits in Recent Changes Patrol. It isn't fair to them that you are giving them mean looks and are rude to them just because they are not interested in you.
Not only will he deny that he’s interested, but he’ll probably also begin avoiding you afterwards out of embarrassment.
Instead of only analyzing his behavior when he’s around you, compare it to how he acts around others. Watch him from your peripheral vision to see if he stares at you when he thinks you’re not looking. If he consistently avoids looking at you, it could be that he doesn't want you to notice his secret feelings.

Again, note whether or not his speaking is extra awkward around you compared to around other people. Especially if he makes friends with all of your friends and not with you, it could mean that he's crushing.
You may find it hard to compliment him, especially if you're shy yourself, but this will go a long way toward making him feel more secure around you and letting you know if he likes you. The first article he ever worked on was How to Root Your Android with Framaroot, and his favorite article around the site is How to Focus. If they seem annoyed by you, it might not be useful to tell them you have feelings for them. Notice whether he looks at other girls to find out if he acts like that in general or just around you. Don't worry — it's not the end of the world, and plenty of beautiful, smart, and eligible women have done it. He’s stuck with wikiHow because of its mission of creating the biggest and best how-to directory; he loves it when his work is noticed and has been really amazed to see the willingness of the community to work together.

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