Not to be confused with the upstate watering hole where the late, great Paul Newman shot his Oscar-nominated classic Nobody’s Fool, this downtown (and lowdown) NYC saloon is a great place for extroverts and gadabouts eager to gather and blow off some truly hedonistic post-work steam in rowdy and raunchy style. The 10 Best Restaurants To Meet Singles In NYC ×Sign Up For Our Newsletter1.
As a busy adult in the big city, meeting a new guy or girl that you can trust or who has similar interests can be tricky.
Join a league like ZogSports, NYC Social Sports Club or New York Urban Professionals Athletic League (check out our full roundup of intramural leagues here).

There’s a Meetup Group for you (and potentially your future boyfriend or girlfriend). Check out The New York City Karaoke Meetup Group, NYC Fun RunВ or NY Entrepreneurs Business NetworkВ for a range of interests around NYC. That in mind, here’s five great NYC sites where folks can hole up with friends AND meet others in ways that are both relaxed and ripe with romantic possibility … provided you don’t try too hard. And if you’re a novice to the scene, no worries: there’s a staff of good instructors who will happily show you how to avoid getting behind the eight ball.

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