I have no children yet, but I have always imagined myself as a mother and have always dreamed about having a house full of people.
Couples hoping that having more sex will improve their relationships should think again after a new study found that it does not boost happiness levels. At the start of the relationship, the desire for sex is strong and the feeling hard to miss. Here’s what you can do to turn your sex slump into the start of something rather wonderful:1.
Yes, desire does fall the longer you’ve been together but it’s a cop out to shrug your shoulders and say ‘Oh well, that’s just what happens’.
Visit your GP to check your general health and review any medications which could be affecting your libido.

They were questioned about their happiness levels and how much they had enjoyed sex during the period.
Most couples underestimate the affect their sex life has on their relationship and vice versa. After our daughter was born, he realized that she was fully dependent on him and he began making decisions based on what benefited his new family.
Put some effort in the bedroom and your relationship will improve; make an effort out of bed and you’ll have more and better sex in it. Regular sex boosts the body’s production of testosterone which, in turn, makes you feel like sex next time around.8. Make a pact to talk openly and honestly about your needs and wants and agree never to judge anything your partner suggests.9.

So they focus on how cute babies are, how lovely their clothes are, how they are going to decorate their room, the joy that the baby is going to bring to their life…etc. We’ve realized that we sort of took how easy marriage was before parenthood for granted. They usually feel left out and may even see the new baby as a sort of competition for their attention. You really get to see who they are and how they react to tough (and I mean tough!) situations.

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