Enjoy this holiday preview from the writers of Yahoo Tech, which opens for real in January! Without the proper privacy settings enabled, Facebook can quickly grow to be your single biggest privacy vulnerability (three-letter government agencies excluded).Here's how to make sure you've got your Facebook profile set up to eliminate unnecessary privacy violations.
Good news, Flickr fans: new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is paying attention to your service, and is planning to make it a big part of her plans to turn the company around.
It’s all based around learning technology that Yahoo has been working on called CORE, or Content Optimization and Relevance Engine.

It’s a little Facebook-like, said several sources, but more focused on content and other products that differentiate Yahoo. There will be lots of linking out and an attempt to make Yahoo more of a platform for others to develop on top of. Mayer has decided to back 10 key arenas, such as its powerful Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports sites, as well as its Flickr photo offering.
That’s a dicey move since Yahoo makes a big chunk of change from those ads, especially on the home page.

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