Everyone has had a crush on someone at one point or another, but it's sometimes hard to get your crush to be the conversation starter instead of you!
Not only does this step ensure that your crush is aware of your existence, but it will also begin your relationship with him! For soft skin, moisturize your entire body exactly fifteen minutes after you take your shower.
Wash your hair no more than three times a week with an effective shampoo and conditioner, making sure they contain the proper, natural ingredients your hair type requires. If it appears that your shampoo and conditioner aren't working as well on your hair as you would like them to, try switching to a different brand or type that suits your hair type well. Don't deprive your pimples of moisturizer, as they actually need plenty of moisture in order to heal effectively and quickly. Again, make sure it isn't obvious that you're interested in your crush, or word could get out and you'll be embarrassed!
Start friendly, comfortable conversations with your crush, and ask nice questions about him that will help you get to know more about him.
Don't blab out every bit of information about you, but give out just enough so that he has a basic knowledge of your personality and life. If you keep silent, and wait for your crush to come up to you and start the conversation, the chances of that happening is extremely low, unless if he is very interested in you and possibly curious enough to try to find out about you. Keep in mind that once you become good enough friends with your crush, your friendship with him can be the key to unlock the borders blocking you from his all-guys table. Your crush may unexpectedly walk up to you, and invite you to sit with his table even if you two aren't close enough friends yet.
At this point, if you've become good enough friends with your crush so that you're a part of his daily life and attention now, your crush should be naturally starting conversations with you instead of you doing all the starting. If your crush is cruel and inappropriate, it isn't recommended that you try to win him over, as he will most likely treat you poorly. Some of our crushes last only for a few seconds, while some of them are bigger and stay in our heart for much longer time. Sometimes we get so desperate and insane when we fail to come under our crushes’ notice, and we, in haste, tend to make things worse by taking some wrong steps. If you know any of your crush's friends, you can also ask them some questions about your crush's interests.
For example, if you and your crush have the same favorite band, that can be great material for a conversation.But, if you hate a band and your crush asks you about them, just politely say that you don't like them much. At first, its probably a good idea to try to spend time with your crush in a situation where other people are around.
At this point, you should start making eye contact with your crush for a couple of seconds, gazing, and then looking away.
If you are walking past your crush in a hallway or somewhere like that, try lightly brushing your shoulder against theirs. If you think your crush is starting to like you back, kiss their cheek to see their reaction. Don't be really mean to your crush even if you're just acting like it, or he won't like you. Don't look at the girl next to you and think "Her hair is so perfect and mine is such a mess," or "Her skin is flawless and mine is horrible". Call a friend over and make her stand next to you and look at the two of you in the mirror. Understand that this is how other people view you, and that is how they will describe you if asked.
Do not compromise your existing friendships unless you really didn't want to be part of them in the first place. Either strike up the courage to ask him yourself, or get the information from someone else. A soft, small but noticeable smile will make you look pretty, and he'll think of you as an approachable, friendly person.

You don't need to go overboard, and stock up on all the perfumes and take a shower every hour that passes, but be clean and show him that you take good care of your body.
This will help make your skin smoother and softer, tempting your crush to want to feel how nice it is (he may or may not, depending on his personality and confidence).
Make sure your cleanser isn't too strong, or you'll experience more frequent outbreaks of nasty pimples. You can either casually ask him ahead of time what classes he is planning to take, get a friend to ask him for you, or ask one of your crush's friends that you trust and are comfortable with.
If your crush is the shy type, you may have to do most of the steering in the conversation, and try not to intimidate him. Break out of your shell, or you'll never be able to make any progress in your relationship with your crush! Sit near enough so that he notices you, but not in your crush's table if this happens to be the case. If he wouldn't treat you that way, or he already treats you poorly, immediately look for another guy that will treat you the way you should be treated.
Make sure he is worth it in the long run before you go chase after him, for you wouldn't want to find in the end that he is actually not your type at all.
However, if it seems that he is only interested in a friendship with you at this point, or he isn't interested at all, do 'not flirt, as it will ruin everything that you've worked for! If the boy or girl you have a crush on hasn't noticed you, you might be tempted to just tell them how you feel. You want to look like you have a life of your own, not like you're just hanging around waiting for attention. Sometimes, having the news that you are asking questions about your crush get back to them can have an added bonus. Once you've had a chance to chat with your crush a little, look for some opportunities to spend time together. Once you start spending time with your crush, you can start sending signals that you like him.
After you've gotten to know your crush, if he or she seems to react well to your flirting, try touching him or her in playful way. Most of the time when we look into a mirror, we see what we are used to seeing and not always what is there.
Referring to the music example, a way you could express your taste in music is by getting pins or shirts of your favorite bands. If you catch someone's eye (guy or girl) and if you look at someone at the exact same instant they see you, smile. This will require a bit of courage, but think about it, if none of your friends are into it, even if you do something stupid, they won't be there to laugh at you. If you find yourself alone with someone, make a comment or smile at them and introduce yourself. Now that you have a few friends outside your circle (or just acquaintances even, that's fine) and now that you are a bit more confident and not afraid to be visible. One sure way to make other people comfortable around you is actually to poke a bit of fun at yourself. Make sure to put in some information about yourself as well, but limit it so that you sound a little mysterious, leaving him wanting to know more about you. If your crush or your crush's friend(s) question you, be ready with plausible excuses such as: "The other tables were full" or "My friend was sitting here, so I came to sit here too". Plus, it could look suspicious to the students if you're the only girl at your crush's table. He likes reviewing recent changes, improving or "boosting" new articles, doing “wikiGnome” tasks where he helps out behind the scenes, and taking “wiki walks.” The first article he started, which earned a Rising Star, was How to Organize an iPod Touch, and his favorite article he’s worked on has been How to Become a Psychiatrist. You want to let your crush see you've noticed them, but don't just keep gazing at them to get their attention.

Also, your crush will find out eventually that you don't actually like or know much about it. Giving your crush tons of compliments, laughing at every joke he or she makes, or constantly trying to bat your eyelashes or strike handsome poses will not seem genuine. No matter how deflated your ego is, you have to accept that you were made this way and are wonderful. The idea is to make you feel more attractive and approachable, not to get you hitched to your dream guy for prom.
In some cases, no matter how much you want someone you have a crush on to like you too, it just doesn't ever seem to happen. This is not a personality makeover, it's just a few ways to let your 'awesomeness' become more obvious.
You will be expressing yourself to anyone who happens to look at you, without actually saying anything. Whether it was when you asked a question in class or said "sorry, Excuse me" when you bumped into someone, make sure you use your voice. Put a bit of effort in the way you look and imagine yourself as an older and confident woman.
Not only will it make you feel less bad when someone else laughs at you, it will improve your approachability. There is no guaranteed way to get your crush to like you back, but there are some things you can do that might help! The idea of this is to give you a more accurate physical description of yourself by comparing the way you look with someone else.
If you play the eyes up, not only will you look cool, but when people are talking to you, they'll be more focused. What makes them beautiful is the fact that they like who they are (and maybe have an expensive makeup artist, but the most beautiful celebrities will look wonderful with or without makeup, and it's because they have confidence). They might even insult you (although it's nice if they don't) because you look prettier than them. This will finally turn your one-sided crush into the attraction and infatuation from both sides.
And you have to accept that though you may want someone else's eyes, or nose, they may be wanting yours! And one more thing towards the end- don’t force yourself to take up all of your crushes’ likes and interests. They are more likely to remember you if you stand out, even if it's something as small as the length of your sentence. Not only will this improve your mood and give you a bit of a confidence boost, the people around you will notice you more. A bump into your crush should seem like a pure accident – don’t commit the mistake of making it obvious. After you guys have had this magical bump, bring out your power tool – say ‘sorry’ with a smile and look at them with some glare in your eyes, for more than a second. As already suggested, show them that you have your own life and you are pretty busy with your own stuff. It may appear quite enticing, but stalking your crush and moreover, making it appear obvious to them may shatter your dreams to date your crush in future.
Try and look your attractive best and never stiffen yourself up when your crush goes past you.

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