It is believed that when a man desperately loves a woman, he will do everything for her and give her anything even going out of his safety zone.
Now seriously it is not that easy to make a man love a woman madly; as most of the single men out there are seen to just flirt with the girls and have non committed relationships with them. A gentle physical touch, like just holding his hands lightly and lovingly can do wonders in getting the man hooked on you for life and do for you whatever you want. There is a saying; all is fair in love and war and in the war of love jealousy is one of the best weapons you have to keep your man wanting you. Men tend to want the girls who are not always within their reach; therefore sometimes keep yourself busy and away from him so that he longs for your company that much more. Show more interest in whatever he has got to say about himself, while speaking less about yourself; because most people love to see others take interest in hearing and knowing more about them.

Love is said to be an eternal blessing from God, thus it is best to love unconditionally and surely it will be reciprocated if he comes to know your feelings for him. So if so if you say to yourself; how do I make him do what I want, you will have to first make sure that he is truly in love with you. So the trick lies in making the man crave for his girl, and feel like he can’t live without you, and that is the simple truth if she wants him permanently in her life. Sometimes even if you pretend to accidentally touch him, he may tend to come closer to you. Hence you can make your appearance more attractive for other men to admire as well, so that your prince charming comes closer to you than ever before like when the two of you are out and he notices other guys checking out his girl he will pull you in a bit closer when that happens. Don’t make it easy for him to catch you soon because as you know once he has you the chase and the interest can fade.

If your dream man starts loving you from his heart, you can be sure to make him do what you want; as love often breaks all limits of his ability and makes a man go any distance for the woman he loves. Sometimes this behavior comes from his early life and how he was taken care of or how he wanted to be cared for.

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