If you are going to kiss someone for the first time, then the only thing that can ruin your first kiss is the hand position while kissing your love. Once you are prepared to make out with your partner and learn how to kiss then the next lesson of How to Use Hands While Kissing someone.
You will make your partner to feel very awkward and unnatural if you leave your hands at your own sides during a Standing Kiss. To add some more intimacy in your kiss, try to grab hold of your partner’s face, on places like lips, cheeks, chin or neck.
If this is your 2nd or 3rd date with your partner then it may sound good to hold each other’s hand and interlock your fingers during your kiss.
If you both are in a sitting position next to each other and facing in a same direction then it would be difficult to understand where to put hands while kissing.
If you are in a private room and both are feeling comfortable enough with each other and both have a mutual desire to do more than a kiss, then you can start exploring the rest of the body of your partner. So these are the simple Kissing tutorial on How to Use your hands while kissing your partner. Hands position are the most important thing while kissing that determine the intimacy level of your moment. The most basic rule of standing kiss for hand position is that girls usually put her hands on her guy’s shoulders or around his neck and the guy will put his hands on her waist or lower back gently.
You can also try giving the person’s hair a gentle tug to make the kiss feel more passionate and intense. The best appropriate and safe position for hands while kissing in a seated position is knees or thighs as it does not require too much of a reach. If want to ask any doubt related to kissing and hand positions while kissing you can comment below or ask on our Facebook Page.

You can also do this step to stabilize the kiss so that you can control yourself from moving to more intimating stages. Remember, there can be any number of reasons why your partner does not want to kiss you and in most cases the reason(s) will have nothing to do with you.
But, personal hygiene is important and you need to look after yourself!Nobody likes to kiss someone that has dry or chapped lips. If your lips are dry or chapped make sure to apply to lip balm regularly and give your lips some time to get better before you try to kiss someone.
Make sure you brush your teeth before going out on a date and carry some breath mints with you that you can suck before you move in for the kiss.
It is normal that you want to look your best but your boyfriend does not want to have a face full of powder or your lipstick on his mouth after kissing you. In addition, it may cause other people to feel uncomfortable, especially if they have small children with them.When you kiss someone special you want to give him or her your full and undivided attention.
But, if you want to kiss someone special for the first time then rather find a more private place in which to do it.And, by private I am not talking about your bedroom!
That may be a bit too private for your first kiss and may create the wrong impression with your partner about what your intentions are.
Fact of the matter is that about 90% of communication is nonverbal anyway and it’s not hard to show your partner through your body language that you want to kiss him or her. And, by paying attention to the body language of your partner you will also know whether he or she is ready to kiss you.Using body language to communicate your intentions and to interpret the intentions of your partner may seem difficult.
However, nothing can be further away from the truth… We all use body language to communicate, whether we are aware of it or not.
And, since you may be nervous before kissing someone special, especially if it is your first kiss, you may be sending that person mixed signals without even being aware of it.

If you are not ready to hold his or her hand or if your partner does not want to hold your hand you can be pretty sure that trying to kiss him or her may not be such a great idea.The same can be said for eye contact. By rushing the kiss you may catch your partner by surprise and it can be quite embarrassing for both of you especially if they happen to look away while you are moving in for the kiss.
This is simply not true.Gentle lip contact without using your tongue can be just as passionate as any other kissing technique. Use your hands and arms while kissing.Making out generally involves a lot of touching while kissing someone. Keep your hands off her private parts or you run the risk that it will be the first and the last time you get to kiss her. Nobody likes to be kissed by someone that is drooling and slobbering all over them!You may also deepen the kissing experience by not only kissing your partner on the mouth. Girls love to be kissed in the neck and most guys find it a big turn-on when a girl nibbles on their ears. Keep your kisses soft and gentle.In the future you may want to experiment with different ways of kissing your partner and deepening your kisses. As you get to know your partner better try to come up with some new ways of kissing them to ensure it remains special, exciting and memorable.9. But, if you want to you can tell them that you enjoyed the kiss.Remember that different couples kiss differently and that there is not just one way to kiss someone right. However, I trust that the above mentioned kissing tips will help you to be more confident and comfortable kissing that special person in your life.If you found the above kissing tips helpful you can show your appreciation by sharing this page with others by clicking on the Twitter, Google+ or Facebook like buttons below.

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