In my experience whilst trying to help women and girls deal with ways to win him back, there are times when my heart literally aches.
Letting go at times help you reposition yourself to be better desired and you will be surprised that when the guy sees you moving on, he will be the one chasing you. Also, if possible, engage yourself in online communities where people discuss such matters in the open.
The best way of how to get back your ex boyfriend after he dumped you is to step back a little and let things loose for a while.

Even though they want to get him back fast, they usually mess up the entire process by handling things the wrong way.
She wanted to know how to get ex boyfriend back and tried everything to win him back again. The mutual friend will pass along the word to your ex boyfriend about how you are enjoying life.
Maybe he was too fed up with some of your particularly irritating habits, or maybe he lost interest in you because you were no longer visually or physically attractive!

If you were not meant to be with the guy, despite of all the effort you put into reestablishing your relationship with him, perhaps it is time to move on. To get back your ex boyfriend even if he is seeing someone else, you need to up your game a little.

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