While the first two truths above are shared by all human beings, it is a reality that the third truth concerns curly haired men exclusively and to a great extent. All of the above played a role in my decision to create a blog with an emphasis on curly hair as well as write a 230+ pages-long book on curly hair for men in which I also cover the mildly-complicated topic of styling curly hair.
Each hairstyle is dedicated to a specific curly hair type; likewise, you will also find a list of recommended products for each of the hairstyles in the guide. The Side Swept is a hairstyle for curly haired men who own curls that are loose in shape; these curls are, as I have labelled them in my curly hair type guide, Type I curls. The hair length I recommend for the Side Swept hairstyle is 1 to 3 inches, so basically a shortish medium length for your curly hair. For the Side Swept hairstyle, I recommend you use either a pomade or hair mousse; the hair pomade will give you sleek hair whereas the hair mousse will give you definition of your curls.
Technically, the Undercut is a haircut, but, because it involves clipping half of the hair mass on your scalp and creating sharp edges, the Undercut only gets to look good when left with plenty of hair volume instead of with flattened the hair. To get an Undercut, it could not be any simpler: just get a hair clipper and clip your sides and back of the head (anything below temple level) with a single guard length.
To style your Undercut, use your fingers to direct the hair backwards (you can also use a wide-tooth comb). The hair products to use for an Undercut include a hairstyling product, a hair clipper, a high-quality wide tooth comb and a hair dryer. The Hanging Locks is one pretty-awesome hairstyle for curly men if you get it right; specifically, the Hanging Locks hairstyle is one diesel hairstyle for men with Type III curly hair. The Hanging Locks hairstyle is centered around having enough hair length that gets the curly hair to hang down as opposed to puff out as short curly hair always does. For the Hanging Locks hairstyle, you will need a leave-in conditioner and a hairstyling cream. For the Shake & Go hairstyle, I recommend a hair length between 4 to 6 inches on the top of the head as this length will allow you to move your hair with the shaking of your head. The Shake & Go hairstyle only requires a hairstyling product and a leave-in conditioner. The Afro hairstyle is an epic hairstyle for men who have curly hair that is so tightly-coiled that the individual curls cannot be distinguished from a 3-feet-long distance; such curls are known as Type V as per my curly hair type guide, and Type V curls are also regarded as kinky hair or afro-textured hair in daily life.
The Afro hairstyle consists of allowing the curls to naturally puff out, encouraging their natural volume in order to form an overall hair shape that resembles a head aura, so to speak.
Prior to using your fingers or Afro pick to style the Afro, you must coat your curls with a hairstyling product to not only encourage the shaping of your Afro but also create enough slip along the curls. The hair products recommended for your Afro hairstyle include a leave-in conditioner, a hairstyling product such as light-hold hair gel, hair mousse or coconut butter (added after the leave-in conditioner), an Afro pick and some hair spray; the latter to be used if you want to extra secure the shape of the Afro. Ok, now that I have covered the hairstyles available for curly haired men, it is time for me proceed to tell you where to grab the hair products that are needed for each of the hairstyles. I have written over 3800 words for this curly hairstyles for men guide; this number of words is similar to the number of words for other hairstyle guides of mine such as the one on military haircuts and the one on Fade haircuts. To conclude this curly hairstyles for men guide, allow me to mention that you can also use the hairstyles that are one number above and one number below your curl type, so, in reality, you have 3 hairstyles to choose from for your curls (2 hairstyles for Types I and V curl types).
Without asking she started using those shears with the teeth on my wet hair…I asked why she was doing that and she told me it was to reduce volume. This is a guide to Curly Hair Types, a guide that is essential for those men with wavy, coiled, curly, kinky and afro-textured hair. Since my experience is in curly hair and because curly hair is a pain in the derriere to manage, I have created this guide for wavy, coiled and kinky haired men so that they can identify what specific type of curly hair they may have. As I have said, there are two hair textures, straight and curly, and curly hair in men comes in different expressions, which I have put into types.
And below is the book where it is all explained in depth; the essential hair manual for curly men! Curly hair type is more difficult to identify in men than in women simply because men tend to have shorter hair, which many times masks the true hair type of a male. As stated, curly hair grows in a curved pattern, meaning that curly hair is composed throughout its length of curls. Once you grab the lock of hair, place the ruler alongside it and measure when your hair forms a curl.
If your hair takes over 3 inches of length to form a curl, you have straight hair, not curly hair. With hair shorter than 1.5 inches, Type I hair looks straight at first sight hence the need to carefully examine the hair so as not to confuse it with straight hair. Type II curls are the crunched version of Type I, and the length required to form a full curl is shorter: 1 to 2 inches. Type II curls are colloquiallyВ known as wavy, loose curls or tight waves, and celebrities such as Adrian Grenier or Nick Jonas have these curls. Two great hairstyles for men with Type II curly hair are the Caesar Cut and the Shoulder Length hairstyle. Type III is known colloquially as ringlets, coilsВ or coiledВ and is most commonly the curl type that people have in mind when they think of curly hair. Great hairstyles for Type III curly hair include the Ivy League hairstyle and the Faux Hawk, and you can also have a look at military haircuts for short hairstyles that suit men with curly hair (you can sport any of the military haircuts regardless of your curl type too). Type IV hair is colloquially known as curly-kinky, kinky and coiled, and examples of celebrities with such curl type include youngsters Corbin Bleu andВ Jaden SmithВ as well as NFL player Troy Polamalu.
Two hairstyles that suit Type IV curly haired men are the High and Tight and the Fade haircut.
Type V curly hair isВ colloquiallyВ known as kinky, kinks, afro-textured and, in some circles, asВ nappy,В and it is the curl type of popular curly men such as Cuba Gooding Jr or Will Smith.
A great hairstyle for Type V curly haired men is the AfroВ and the Recon haircut and Fade haircut are great choices too. Curly hair can be puffy, coarse, dry and much more, but one thing remains, curly hair will form a curl at a given particular length as genetically determined, which is why this guide is your starting point to identify and learn to manage your hair. You may also find that you have two curl types on your head; this is perfectly normal, and you should go with the area of the scalp that I recommend to take your measurement from.
That is it, although I recommend you have a read through the hairstyles posted for each of the hairstyles and I also recommend you to read this other epic guide of mine on curly hairstyles for men. Back to your question, yes, you’d get a similar hair texture as the male in the picture you posted. The set above comes with the main hair clipper, which is a heavy duty one ready to buzz through the thickest of manes. The good thing about this hair clipper is that it is cordless and very light to use (the Oster one above is also very light to use). I was reading some random stuff on the web about growing curly hair, and I was amazed when I found your website! Really well put together website, a goldmine for men’s hair topics – especially the curl!
Currently I’m growing my hair out and would like to get it to something like Orlando bloom, Simon baker, Eric bana or Adrian grenier when they have longer hair, like 10 inches long.
I really cannot give you (or anybody else, for that matter) a one-cookie-cutter answer because frizzy curly hair can be caused by any of the above (and more!).
I wanted to let you know that I purchased your book today, and I’ve started my journey to better curls. I have this weird problem, the hair in the front are curly (something like type 2 or even type 3) and then on the top and the back of the head they are neither wavy nor curly, they are kinda looking like hooks, they grow wavy and then the ends curls.
Hey, I'm a black 16 year old male and right now I have corn rolls and a lot of hair, like a huge afro when I take them out.
Short curly hairstyles for men include short layered hairstyles, the shaggy hairstyles, naturally curly hairstyles that are c cropped closer to the head at the sides and grown longer at the top and the . Hot Hairstyles For Men: Choosing From Different Hairstyles That Are Hot And ClassyUpdate your current hairstyle by getting the latest hot hairstyles for men.

It’s a hairstyles guide that is more than 3800 words long, so take your time to read it thoroughly, click the recommended links for further hairstyling content and bookmark the guide so that you can go back to it any time. The guard length I recommend to clip the Undercut with is any from a #1 to #3, not any higher; do bear in mind that, if you are a light-skinned male, your scalp will show if you get a #1, so better go initially with a #2 for a few weeks and then hit a #1 so as to allow your scalp to tan naturally before going with the #1.
If you plan on having your hair down at times, then do get a small amount of tapering done on the edges. You may then shake your head to tousle the hair a little and follow the shaking of the head with again directing the hair back with the fingers.
A hairstyling product should be any of the following three: pomade, light-hold hair gel or hair mousse.
Lastly, you may use some hair spray to secure the hair, but the fun of the Hanging Locks hairstyle is that the hair is free to dangle, and using hair spray kills the fun, especially if the hair spray is overdone. In the Afro hairstyle, the more consistently circular the curly hair is, the better, and, back in the ’70s, women and men sported some lusciously-epic Afros that were several times bigger than the actual head of the Afro’s owner! You can have your Afro hairstyle with the same hair length all around the head, or you can have the hair on the sides and back tapered to a length that is, at the hairline, 1 to 3 inches lower than the length on the top of the head; whatever hair-length format you choose, do ensure that you pick a competent barber with plenty of experience with kinky hair as the haircut itself is critical for sporting a good Afro.
To encourage the circular shape of your Afro, you must use your hands to mold the hair as you even out any areas of the Afro that are slightly longer or shorter.
To finish off the styling of your Afro hairstyle, you can use hair spray to secure its shape in that moment and have it last all day long. I recommend you to buy your hair products in one go so that you can then start styling your hair immediately and get to know your waves, coils or kinks further. Truly, there’s absolutely no reason now for you to not have your curly hair looking like a Sir and having women throwing themselves all over you. Having embraced his natural curly hair for over a decade while living in 5 countries, Rogelio has learnt a thing or two along the way. I do not want to cut it since I was reading your guides and I would like to get it long it is currently a type 2-type 3 about 3-4 inches long. Recently got a haircut and instead of shears the hair stylist asked if she could use clippers instead. I dread cutting my hair because they seem to always taper it a lot and tell my I should get a Brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment and I tried it before and hated it.
Curly hair is expressed in a spectrum of curl types, hence the need to categorize and know what type of curly hair you have so as to be able to make the most out of it! If your hair is not straight, it is curly, albeit curly hair is expressed in a spectrum of types. This guide is specific to such expressions of hair and excludes straight hair, not because I have anything against straight hair but because straight hair doesn’t have any sub-types of expressions, unlike curly hair. As a definition, curly hair is hair that grows in a non-straight manner, thus curly hair grows, right from the very beginning, in a curled or curved pattern.
Hair that takes 3 inches to manifest a curl, as is the case of Type I or wavy hair, may look straight at a length of 1 inch despite it is already curling, only that the curved shape is too mild to be noticed at that length.
If your hair is less than 6 inches, perform the measurement starting from the scalp (i.e place the ruler on the scalp) whereas if the hair lock is longer than 6 inches, you should perform the measurement starting from the tip (end) of the lock. If your hair is shorter than 3 inches, you will be able to visibly notice your Type I curls curving at the 1.5-inch mark. Type I curly hair isВ colloquiallyВ known as wavy and famous curly men with such hair include Hugh Grant, George Clooney and Antonio Banderas. If your hair is shorter than 1 inch, you should be able to view a curved pattern already at the 0.5-inch mark. Type II can still be mistaken for straight hair when very short, so keep this in mind if your hair is short and you are typing your curly hair. Curly male celebrities with Type III curls include Will Ferrell, Justin TimberlakeВ and John Turturro. Curls are formed in less than 0.125 inches, hence their curled shape is apparent even at a near-shaved length. This guide, together with the Guide to Identify your Hair Length and the rest of the content on this site, will have you making the most out of your curls as a 21st-century modern male.
If you have two curl types (I do, for example), you will find that they are the curl types that follow or precede one another in the guide. Moreover, I have found it to be a quick and reliable method to identify a person’s curl type without getting too technical or creatingВ confusion. In any case, this EssentialВ Guide to Types of Curly Hair is a starting point for those men who want to know more about their curls and make the most out of their manes. Well, I’ve written a book entirely about looking after your curly hair as a modern male! I have very curly hair which is probably type III although it can look like type II for quite a while before it goes super curly.
You have some real nice curls, my friend; if I were you I’d grown them instead of chop them! I would also recommend you to have a look through my military haircuts guide, which covers all the short haircuts for men that are of a military nature. The set also comes with a fast feed and a finisher, which are tools you can use on your facial hair (i.e. The Andis clipper also has a very powerful motor, much powerful than the rest of clippers and it is made by a company that knows how to make real good clippers.
My hair is about slightly longer than an inch and on the top it’s really curving and waving but no curl has formed.
My main question is how do you think they style it…leave in conditioner, gel, pomade.
Feel free to update me with the replies to the above points so I can have a more detailed case of yours, but I highly recommend you to simply save yourself the time and grab my book on Kindle (it’s 12 bucks, very much worth its price), and then spend a couple of days going through the book as it will then enable you to come up with your own customized hair-grooming routine and hair-care strategy (among other cool stuff), all according to your curl type and hair length.
Yes, remove a shampooing day off but follow the guidelines you’ll find in the hair-grooming chapter for shampoo and the Sebum Coating method. I just finished writing today a 3,888 words long curly hairstyles guide for men; since your curl type is Type III, consider the hairstyles I recommend for your curl type as well as the hairstyles for Type II and Type IV curly hair. Look for hairstyles that go well with the shape of your face and are convenient for you to manage. You can look out for different short curly hairstyles for men and get hairstyles that are easy to do every day. Also search online for classy hairstyles for men to learn more about short curly hairstyles that you can get and that which look classy and timeless too. Curly hair is as resilient as a mattress spring, and it will always go back to its natural coiled state when styled, which means that curly hair is, for the most part, best not styled too much. Of course, Manly Curls is an on-going project, so it is here where I like to continue with my awesome mane (as I call it in my book) quest and provide helpful content to those men with waves, coils and kinks for hair.
As said, each of the curly hairstyles below will be for a specific curl type, so let’s now stop the digressing and get on with our curly hairstyles business. In the case of drawing the imaginary line at your left temple, then you will be sweeping the hair found on the right side of the line, and, in the case of drawing the imaginary line at your right temple, then you will be sweeping the hair found on the left side of the line. In terms of which of the curl types benefits greatly from the Undercut, it is Type II curly hair that gets the most out of said hairstyle.
With regards to the top of your head, this area of the head is not clipped nor is it cut under most circumstances, although you can trim your hair somewhat in order to have a shorter length atop your head; in such case, the hair length that I recommend for the Undercut is any length between 2 to 6 inches.
With the Undercut, you should aim to have your hair with a height (from your scalp) of 2 inches or more.
A hair clipper is also needed, and I recommend you to buy a high-quality hair clipper because the cheap ones do not withstand much use and they overheat like crazy, which further aggravates the hair clipper’s wear and tear.
If you fail to look after your curls, you will not get your curls to look awesome and you will instead be the owner of a, as I call it, dead rat. You may also use hair spray if you want to secure the hair in place so that it looks all day long just as it did after you shook your head; you can also use a hair dryer before the hair spray in order to get a bit more hair volume as well as dry the hair faster.

It is imperative that you style the Afro when it is damp, not wet or dry, although further retouching can be performed when the hair has air-dried fully.
Right now I have my hair very short (crew cut) with even shorter back and sides and a slight mark separating the sides from the top in anticipation of an undercut. From wavy hair that can look straight when it is very short to super tight coils that puff out in the wildest of manners, most curly men walk around without knowing what type of curly hair they have. Thus, if you don’tВ identityВ your hair type with what is to follow, you will have at least found out that you have straight hair.
The pattern in which curly hair growsВ differs between individuals (regardless of gender) and may differ slightly even between areas of the scalp, but, overall,В curly hair can be classified into five types: I, II, III, IV and V.
Rather, if we were to put a lock of curly hair flat against a surface, we would see that, in reality, the joining of the two curls does form an S.
Go in front of the mirror and pick a lock of hair from the top center of your head, ensuring that you do not pull or extend the lock; it should remain in its natural shape.
Repeat the measurement another 2 times for a total of 3 times and work out the mean average of how long it takes for your hair to form a curl.
If your hair is shorter than 1.5 inches, I recommend that you look at pictures of yourself with longer hair or ask a family member, since at a very-short length your hair may, in fact, look straight. If your hair is shorter than 0.5 inches, the same family reference recommendation applies as toВ Type I curly hair.
If the hair is shorter than 0.125 inches, the hair is curved at any length, and the curving pattern is easy to notice unless the hair is at a near-shaved length. That is, you may have Type III curly hair on the top of your head and may also have Type IV on the nape and sides of your head. In the case that you are unsure about what your curly hair type is even after taking your measurements, then refer to the illustrated examples of popular curly men for a good feel of what your curly hair type is. If you want to learn how to have a great-looking head of waves, coils or kinks, then grab my book and join our ranks of dudes with curls, comrade! Rogelio is the author of the two bestselling men's books "The Curly Hair Book" and "The Men's Hair Book", and his motto when it comes to hair is, "Gentlemen, having a good head of hair should not cost us our testosterone".More Posts Related Posts:Wavy Hair is Curly Hair! I wanted to know if it was possible for me to get a haitcut Ivy League haircut not too far from Matthew Morrison’s. I’ve been going with an aggressive high and tight (just off recon) for the last couple of years with it shaved to the skin quite high up on the back and sides.
In the meantime would you recommend an undercut as I grow the hair longer, and if so how should I taper between the long and the short.
The Andis clipper is designed for heavy use and frequent use (daily, if you want) and it is an excellent investment as its lifetime is of years (and not of months, lie the regular clippers). But when I just left my hair untouched (or the Shake-and-Go method), the curls tighten, hence type II. You know, all these hairstylist gurus with product lines & blogs etc repeat the same dogma time after time without questioning it (like parrots lol) so it takes me by surprise to read a guy like u whose not even a professional hairstylist come up with such a creative hair typing guide!! You could be doing something wrong in your styling stage, you may not be shampooing enough or correctly, you may not be eating optimally for good quality hair, you may be towel-drying your hair too hard etc That’s why my book (The Curly Hair Book) is 230 pages long! You can alternatively find many of the answers to your curly-hair questions if you spend a couple of hours at Manly Curls, for I’ve talked about dry, frizzy hair in many articles already. Your curly hair can be the most striking feature of your personality and you can put it to great use,.
You can view hairstyles of male models on fashion ramps to get an idea about all the latest short curly hairstyles that you can try and also find ways how to get it. Once you have swept the hair as instructed in the previous lines, you then finish off the Side Swept hairstyle by sweeping the hair on the other side of the parted line, and you sweep the hair in a downward directions so that the locks remain vertical to the imaginary line. Do too grab yourself a wide-tooth comb despite the fact that using your fingers for the styling of the Undercut is more than enough; a wide-tooth comb will be of use to you for any future curly hairstyles you may want to sport, so you might as well go ahead and buy one of these special combs.
Point is, have a good hair-maintaining system in place before considering styling your curly hair like a Sir, and this rule not only applies to Type IV curls but to all other curly hair types too.
It looks a bit aggressive and I’m wondering how it will look when my hair starts to grow curly (after 2 inches it goes closer to type III).
If you want to have good looking hair, you must know your curly hair type as, depending on what you are growing atop your head, you may need to change different things in your hair grooming and hair care routines.
For all that matters, straight hair can be paired with wavy hair (Type I hair) when it comes to knowing all about it and managing it, so I invite you to apply this guide even if you have straight hair. Please be aware that I refer to these 5 types of expressions of curly hair as curl types, curly hair types or may simply call them hair types. In both pictures above of curly locks, you can see the different S forms taking place as each curl leads into the next throughout the length of the lock of hair. The commonality with all types of curly hair is that they will all curl, with the only difference being at what length a full curl will become apparent.
You now have one of the most important details of getting to manage your curls in the awesome way we promote here at Manly Curls. Looking at the hair of both parents is not reliable because hair genetics is more complicated than inheriting the hair type of any of the two parents.
Type II curls will look straight only at lengths less than 0.5 inches, yet, from longer lengths onwards, Type II curly hair will express a visible curved pattern. You will never have, however, highlyВ discrepant curly hair types on your head (e.g Type I and Type IV). As of about 4 months ago I started letting the top grow and it has finally gone super curly. It’s very easy to shape your hairline with the finisher, just switch on the finisher and work through your hairline (of the forehead) to manually trim the shape you want. Based on the chart above, I have type II curls like adrien granier, but my hair looks a lot more like justin timberlake’s type III hair.
Based on the chart above I have type II hair but my hair looks a lot more like justin timberlakes than adrien graniers. A professional hair stylist can give you the best haircut that will suit you and give you ideas how to style it up for different occasions in different ways using hair styling products and tools. You can flaunt your natural curls in style by wearing these down getting tight curls that are more defined. If you are having trouble styling your curly hair you can also read online tips and advices by hair experts and professionals that may serve as a guide to you to know what the latest trends are in curly hairstyles and what hairstyles to follow. Lastly, a hair dryer is a hairstyling tool that I recommend you to own since you can get some wickedly-defined hair volume with a hair dryer, and the Undercut for curly hair certainly thrives with hair volume.
Most of the advice that you will find at Manly Curls is applicable to curly hair as a generic term and all to all curl types, but there are some tidbits that need to be emphasized more or less according to one’s curl type. Likewise, I use Roman numerals (I-V) for this guide and classification, and I encourage you to use Roman numbers when talking about my curly hair type guide so as to avoid confusion. The latter then dictates the hair type one has and which you will be able to identify in this guide. As mentioned in this guide, always remember that the area on the top of your head is the closest representation of what your natural curl type is.
I have maintained the sides and back with an aggressive fade to zero starting from about half way up and I really like it.
Your hair stylist can suggest you different hair styling products and hair styling tools that can help you get curly hairstyles in a matter of minutes and that which are suitable to be worn on any occasion. I need to look professional as I have an office job but I want to keep up the cool styles for a bit longer before I go conservative. Also let me know if girls don't like guys with corn rolls or long hair and prefer short hair for guys thank you.

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