If you’re like most women out there who are dating but not yet in a serious relationship, it’s probable that you’re curious about how to get your current guy to commit.
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Smart, successful women make 3 huge mistakes that absolutely kill their chances with the alpha males who are looking for committed relationships. Meeting potential in-laws, staying overnight and divulging salary details also show trust and growing love for a partner.Couples are usually together for just over five months before they deem the relationship to be 'serious'. The study also highlighted that couples deem a relationship more serious when they get more comfortable with each other - which means seeing each other without make up, showering together, lounging around the house in pyjamas and even discussing intimate health issues. To get started, make sure you feel pretty darn certain that he feels the same way about being in a relationship with you. When you become the confident and secure woman that makes him feel loved for himself, he’ll know that you are a woman he can trust.
If you feel like you can’t wait for him to bring it up first, here are some Dating with Dignity moves you can make right now into the land of committed relationships.

It’s really confusing when a guy acts like he’s very interested in and cares about you, but he makes no steps to commit to you.
Continue to do the things that make you happy, and make sure you keep dating other guys before you’re in an exclusive relationship.
However, many men have conscious and subconscious fears that make them feel ambivalent about committing to any woman. He has to know you love him for who he is without all the extras he brings to the relationship.
To reassure him, you need to make him feel that you’re interested in him and not in what he can do for you. If you’re finding yourself reserving all your free time for one guy, calling him, or breaking plans with friends the second he calls, take a breath. To reassure him, you have to accept who he is and show him that you have no intention of changing him. When you have too many expectations for your future relationship with someone new whom you’re dating, you are surely setting yourself up for disappointment.
When it comes to committing to women, men report that it absolutely has to be the right woman at the right time.

If you aren’t in a serious, committed relationship with a man, you’re free to do the things you like when you like, for however long you like.
But if you can help him realize why he would want to commit to you by associating the utmost pleasure and positive feelings with a relationship, you’ll be headed in the right direction. It’s just that before you get there, be sure not to get too wrapped up in making someone your universe if you aren’t his. When you get disappointed about something that he doesn’t even know you’re thinking about, and you begin “leaking” hints about what it is you want, it can actually push a man away.
So be in the moment, be your authentic self, and have a good time collecting data about him, his values, and yourself.

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