If you are a romantic at heart and you like the idea of finding a soul mate or if you are someone who yearns to find that special someone who can spoil you with riches then you are going to love Where to Find a Rich Man in New York City. If you find anything wrong with this product listing, perhaps the description is wrong, the author is incorrect, or it is listed in the wrong category, then please contact us. After watching the special episode for Rich Man, Poor Woman, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that it was warranted. The SP fills the narrative gap between the airport confession when our heroine Natsui Makoto headed off to Brazil and her rich man Hyuga Toru promised to shrink the distance between them and keep their new flame burning, to when Makoto returned to Tokyo over a year later. A quick video montage of the original dorama shows us how the rich man, poor woman meet, go through hardships together, and fall in love. A man is walking through a warehouse in New York and he takes out his cell phone to access the live translator.
She jumps into a NYC cab and whips out her tablet to show the cabbie where she wants to go. Cue a cute montage of them holding hands and strolling through Grand Central and other famous landmarks in NYC. Makoto goes her company headquarters and finds out the company is potentially being acquired by an American company and she might have to move to Boston for work.

Hyuga finds a note from Makoto saying she’s headed home to the countryside for a few days and will be back for the wedding.
Hyuga argues his case against the P-box to a panel of JI Tech management and screams that they are all about profit at the expense of innovation. Asahina reads in the newspaper about the expanded personal file mobile project and he finds Yoko to ask for all his belongings which she packed up. In this book you will learn to think like the rich New Yorker thinks and be in places where that Rich New Yorker is going to see you and meet you. There also is no bed and she finds out Hyuga sleeps on the sofa because he can’t stand having stuff clutter up his place.
When Makoto wants to talk about her company situation, he cuts her off and starts bitching about how employees need to do what they are told and who are they to know any better. He asks how she knew where to find him and she lies that she saw him on GPS, to which he says he turned off his GPS.
He’s turned down flat, and the US manager even sneers that Japan is over and done with in terms of leading edge technology. When Makoto mentions finding a cheap hotel to stay during her week in Tokyo, both Risa and Yasuoka push her to stay with Hyuga who has no choice but to agree.

She shares how Hyuga wants the personal life to be like a person’s closet, containing all the important memories in a person’s life. I can’t say I had forgotten how much I loved this drama, but watching the special certainly reminded me how much I did.
But by reading this book I can guarantee that you will have a better understanding of what you need to do to make yourself desirable to a Rich New Yorker and where you have to be to find a Rich New Yorker. I believe now there is room for organic and believable conflict that is rooted in two very in-love but wholly different people trying to figure out not only how to have a relationship, but how to grow together and as individuals. I loved how the SP was set in the Winter and really used the contrasting season from the original’s Summer warmth to great effect. Hyuga wanted to change the world when he had nothing, now he has everything so how can he run away.

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