Facebook Timeline is new feature,and sometimes it's hard to do simple things.Here is explanation how to change your relationship status if you have Timeline. If you are changing your Relationship Status to one that includes option to select person with who it's going on,type that friend's name, or leave it blank. You must be a confirmed Facebook friend with the person you are setting as your relationship partner.
If the person is already in a relationship with someone else, Facebook will not let you make the change.
Currently, Facebook will not allow an individual to be in relationships with multiple people. If the person being alerted to your status change doesn't get an email link or can't find it, tell him or her to check "Notifications" to find the relationship request.
Before you announce an important relationship change on Facebook, make sure you have told the most important people in your life first.
You should discuss a relationship status change with the person you're seeking to connect with before doing updating Facebook. New users to Facebook must first register an account (and they must be at least 13 years of age).  After registration is complete and verified, they then provide personal information such as birth date, home town, address, phone numbers, relationship status, and pictures of themselves which are attached to their “profile”. One of the most used Facebook features is the real-time chat feature.  Friends that are online can chat real-time with each other.
Facebook also offers thousands of third party applications, such as games, for Facebook users to use. Zuckerberg: I think the Facebook thing by itself would draw many people, unless it were released at the same time as the dating thing. Initially Facebook membership was limited to Harvard students only but soon Zuckerberg expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University on the West Coast.В  The staff was expanded as demand grew and Eduardo Saverin (business services), Dustin Moskovitz (computer programmer), Andrew McCollum (graphic artist), and Chris Hughes joined Zuckerberg and began working to expand the web site and its reach.

In March 2004, Facebook expanded to Stanford, Columbia, and Yale Universities.В  Shortly thereafter Facebook arrived at other Ivy League Schools, Boston University, New York University, MIT, and then slowly moved to all universities in Canada and the United States.
Facebook launched a high school version of the web site in September 2005.В  It next opened membership to employees of several companies such as Apple Inc.
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You can choose to be “Single”, “In a relationship”, “Married”, “Engaged”, “In a civil union”, “In an open relationship”, “In a domestic partnership”, and more. If they are a Facebook user, their name will appear as a clickable option below the text field.
You can choose who can see your relationship status by clicking the Privacy icon in the top-right corner of the relationship section.
The person you set will be sent a message asking to confirm that they are in the relationship with you.
You can choose who can see your relationship status by tapping the Privacy menu in the bottom-left corner of the relationship editor section.
Your parent or sibling might not be too happy if they find out about your engagement on Facebook instead of hearing it directly from you. The unanswered question is whether or not Zuckerberg purposely stalled development of the web site in order to ensure success of his The Facebook web site. He likes reviewing recent changes, improving or "boosting" new articles, doing “wikiGnome” tasks where he helps out behind the scenes, and taking “wiki walks.” The first article he started, which earned a Rising Star, was How to Organize an iPod Touch, and his favorite article he’s worked on has been How to Become a Psychiatrist.
Your relationship status is one of the crowning jewels of your Facebook Profile, and changing it is a lot simpler than changing your relationship! However, you may have to go first to your own page and add a New Relationship in Life Events before your partners name appear as a clickable option.

By default, your friends will be able to see your relationship status, but you can change this to Public, Only Me (hidden), Custom, or you can choose from your various Lists.
You can choose to be “Single”, “In a relationship”, “Engaged”, “Married”, “In a civil union”, “In an open relationship”, “In a domestic partnership”, and more. If you’ve set your relationship status with another Facebook user, they will be sent a message asking to confirm that they are in the relationship with you.
His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Install Software in Ubuntu, and his proudest achievement has been becoming an Admin.
This means that anyone who plugs your name into Google will not get a link to your Facebook profile. How to stop people posting embarrassing things about you Siblings posting that picture of you in the bath as a child, friends tagging you in updates that describe your latest mortifying gaff – Facebook broadcasts your antics like never before. Here Facebook gives you the option of reviewing posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline.
How to stop your house being burgled while you are away Facebook can track where you have been.
How to play it cool You have just read a message in a Facebook Chat, but do not have either the time or the energy to reply. How to prevent 'Facebook parties' We have all seen the horror stories of teenage Facebook parties that started off with an invite that was intended for a few friends but ended up asking the entire world to come along.

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