Put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if you were her in the same situation. If you can afford it, go away for a few days or a week to somewhere nice or go and stay with friends and family. When I speak to women involved with attached men, whether they realise it or not, they are almost always in a tight routine. In an affair 12 years, he was the love of my life, he promised me everything and I wanted to believe it.
He rang me three weeks ago to say he was going on holiday, all the lies he told that he would take me away. After telling her that i was married she broke off all contact with me, it has been 6 months and not a day goes by that I dont miss her. I know that you all think I am a liar a coward and total Sh… thank you very much I am very much aware of that. Kiki, It’s really hard, the heart pain is great, I never thought I would find myself in this situalion either. Charles, you can have a bad marriage and you can fall in love with someone else but you should have handled all of that with integrity and character.
He might be a conniving, manipulative bastard, and told you he wanted to remain friends to watch you twist in the wind. He may be deluded, thinking that you would be willing to play the same roles in his life that you had been, except for the intimate part (which he understands is over .
When you start replacing sheets and underthings, pay close attention to fabrics and fits that feel comfortable. Right now you are letting him control your life – burning and discarding things because of their connection to him is still partly about him and his affect on you. I would be careful of thoughts that your hair or how you wear it have anything to do with being attractive to a good man. Charles i dont think you are a horrible man, I think the situation is not that black and white. I tried to finish with my MM and it is making me really ill, my blood pressure has gone sky high, I have chest pains, panic attacks and shaking.
There are always two sides to every story, and with a daughter and lawyers involved the truth seldom endures. Be the father your daughter needs, and if you run across a woman of character some three years, five years or more down the road, she will be likely to be interested in you, too. For website people – can you please delete the last entry i made about half an hour ago, thnik i did not think it through and am in denial would rather not have it printed. Breaking up is generally hard to do even when we really want to and know that it’s the right thing. I hope that these fifteen tips can help to put any woman who is in this situation on the road to feeling happier, secure, and free to move on to healthier relationships.

If you really do want to break up with him and you are sick of the situation, he shouldn’t be able to wheedle his way around you.
Think of the woman he’s with, the woman that you view as the person who is robbing you of the opportunity to be with your guy, as a human being with feelings and strengths and weaknesses just like you. Whatever story he has told you about why he’s with both of you, the cold hard truth is that he has chosen not to leave because having the best of both worlds is what he chooses.
Turn off your phone and let the important people know where you are so that you don’t worry. After all, keeping things in a tight routine is how he stops himself from getting caught out and also how he fits you into his schedule. Affairs and in fact, all dubious relationships rely on element of shame and secrecy and this compounds your dilemma.
Yes I’m sure there were happy times, but you need to remember how you REALLY felt when you were with him. This post has been republished due to the very high volume of comments on the original post creating technical issues such as slowing down the site and preventing the original post from being reloaded.
But you lied, you turned out to be spineless and simply not the man you let her think you were.
I see what Faye is getting at though by pointing out that this all seems to be about you and how you feel and what you want.
One of the strengths of the guy in this relationship is that he has the power to get around you.
This protects you from knee-jerking into another situation that you may not recognise as being unsuitable and unavailable due to craving some sort of emotional replacement – there is no progress in ditching a married man for another emotionally unavailable man. If you’ve been in relationships that have a habit of wearing down your self esteem and you want to understand your relationship patterns, or feel you need a little extra help to get you through this time, this is a great way of giving you support. Look back at your diary, think back to specifics and there are probably a lot of times when you were lonely, disappointed, insecure, sidelined, teary, clingy, frustrated, angry, too dependent, listless and much more. So not only have you hurt her by lying, more importantly she has decided that someone who behaves as a coward and who lies is not good enough for her. Even if you change now, this damage is done and you will have to live with the consequences.
There’s the sense of rejection, loss, and even abandonment that can be activated by an affair. There is someone in your life who can and will be empathetic and support you with your exit. There is also no point in dating if it’s a way of passing time in the hope of filling in the gap until the married guy potentially becomes available. Exploring the reasons that contributed to your desire to be in this relationship will also ensure that you ‘re able to gain a fresh perspective, heal and move forward. It can feel like an exorcism that brings up every ugly thought and issue that you may have been unaware was rumbling around inside you.

If this is about trying to influence or even force him into making a decision or at the very least, gameplaying, re-evaluate your motives and think about the bigger picture and whether this is how you want to spend your time, because it’s a slippery slope to losing your dignity and no one is worth that. When you stop seeing her as this inconvenient, pesky obstacle, in truly empathising, you will be able to feel compassion and also have self-compassion. This is a good time to think about your short-, medium- and long-term goals, as well as your values.
Weather the storm, cold turkey it out and let out the tears and frustration but don’t give in. Also check out the Get Out Of Stuck email series and the Unsent Letter Guide in the downloads section – the former will help you to identify and transform unhealthy beliefs and the latter will help you to explore your feelings and address current and old anger that may be affecting your decision to be in the affair or keeping you stuck in it. I also want to point out that she was then actually looking for someone and looking for someone who was available. Gp has said am in a high anxiety state and should take it very easy, any stress is something to avoid, she does not think I can cope with this at the moment. Blaming her for his infidelity and blaming you for why he hasn’t left ignores the bigger picture of the real issues.
Choose someone you trust and who can be supportive but tell you that it’s time to quit. It is true that when you write down everything that happens in your relationship, you get to see a different perspective.And that perspective becomes more favorable for you in your decision choices. Listen I know how much it must hurt you to not have her in your life but you need to look at this from her point of view. Im pretty sure it will be better but the storm that I have to wither might be very looong and very hard.
The latter is how many readers have exited not just from affairs but also from abusive relationships. What if you spent a YEAR of your precious life with carrie and then she told you she was married.
Take what you have learned here which as you say that you are a better man because of carrie and hold on to it. I am in my 50s I have little chance of meeting anyone, I have to be realistic it seems the only good thing in my life and yet I am so unhappy I cannot imagine getting over him.
I doubt carrie will ever understand why you presented yourself as single and lied to her for a year.

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