Discover Your MotivationIf you feel insecure on the inside, need to prove you’re a sexual siren or had a disconnected relationship to your father, a married man could be very attractive, according to M. Define Your NeedsYou can weed out many of the undesirable men if you know what you need in a relationship and can articulate it to a prospective date partner. Once the initial infatuation stage of your attraction is over, you can take off the rose-colored glasses and begin to see if this man can give you what you need. Griffith also identifies poor self-esteem and a fear of commitment as characteristics common to women who choose married men.

Be clear about the information you discover about yourself and include parts of that information in a profile on a dating site, specifying that you seek only single men.
If your need is for frequent affection, sexual fulfillment, family and economic commitment, conversation and honesty and openness, it soon becomes obvious that a married man might meet some, but not all your needs.
Discover your motivation and work on your inner issues so an available man is more appealing to you than the unavailable married man.
The number of responses you get should help you see that your prospects for a romantic relationship are not limited to a man who will probably never be yours, or if he is, he will be so encumbered with baggage that you have no chance for happiness.

Ask yourself how he can meet your need for honesty and openness if you have to hide the affair from your family and friends or how you get frequent conversation and affection if his off time belongs to his family.

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