If you want to get an Aries man (March 21 - April 19) you will need to be bold, sophisticated and savvy. That being said, Aries are full of great qualities, too (otherwise you wouldn't be attracted to them in the first place!) They are driven, confident, charismatic, clever, sensual creatures.
Remember that Aries men have absolutely huge egos, so if you want to get your Aries man you are going to have to stroke it!
Aries (fire signs in general, really) tend to have a few characteristics that others find off-putting: They can be selfish, jealous, temperamental, childish, and moody.
Aries loves the thrill of the chase so much it can seem hard to keep them running after you for more than a hot minute.

Surprise gifts, surprise trips, spur-of-the-moment changes in plans -- Aries will eat it up. When you're springing surprise romantic gestures on your man, make it clear you've been paying attention. If your lustful, impulsive side is at all buried under a pile of inhibitions or insecurities, your Aries will quickly look the other way. They want someone who can play at all levels -- the Aries man is not a fan of boredom (and that's putting it lightly).
That way Aries will feel like there's more territory they need to gain, a more thorough understanding they can have of you.

And if your Aries is showing you how much he cares, definitely give him the reaction he's aiming for!

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