If you have a crush on a girl, compliment her on things she does in class as well, or something you know she did like an event or win an award.
If you have a crush on a guy, you might want to compliment their looks and outfits (if you really like an item of clothing they wear well, like a hat, compliment it), or focus on something they did. When you are ready to talk to your crush, try to dress in a way that will boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable. Before you tell your crush you like them, find a chance to initiate subtle touches to them. Don't stare at her awkwardly, just look at her every so often and if she looks back at you then just smile. If your crush seems to talk to you in a light baby voice or says please a lot and touches you he probably like you. Don't tell your crush that you like him or her right away, make sure you talk to them first. Having your friends talk to him for you can be awkward for the guy; it is best to just talk with him yourself. It will mean a lot more to her if you complement her actions rather than her outfit or hair.
For example, you could say, "Hey, that presentation you did in class was great" or "You did great at yesterday's soccer game!".

Your line should be something like a hint, but big and clear enough that your crush will get the point and understand.
I'm sure there's a girl that likes you out there." will be good enough (see tips for more suggestions). It isn't fair to them that you are giving them mean looks and are rude to them just because they are not interested in you. He loves improving new articles, expanding short how-tos into more detailed and helpful ones, and reviewing and approving new edits in Recent Changes Patrol. If you are passing in the hallways, just try to get the courage to greet them and softly smile. Your crush will eventually discover the truth and their opinion of you will diminish a little or greatly.
When you do tease or joke with them, make sure it's obvious and that you don't really mean it. Try to be yourself, but refrain from cursing excessively, calling everything retarded, etc. If you lie to the person you like, they will find out eventually and never respect you for it. If they seem annoyed by you, it might not be useful to tell them you have feelings for them.

And even if they don't tell, you still might feel awkward interacting with your crush when they're watching you.
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Keep your teasing to a minimum and light-hearted; tease them only about things you know that they won't mind.

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