Lead yourself to like the things he does, but be yourself, otherwise he might think you're fake. If you are playing the game with him, you don't have to be the best and you could even sit on the bench and he will see that you at least tried it.
If you don't want to do that, whenever you make eye contact, keep your eyes fixed on his (but don't be creepy like a boy-crazy nut head, he'll think you're crazy!), and then you'll probably both start bursting out laughing.

DON'T be a giggle freak and laugh every time he talks, otherwise he might think you're a little crazy. Don't do this too early or even too late, because he might say "no" if you hadn't done it sooner because he might think you don't like him.
And if you wear makeup, some skin-tone matching eye liner would be good, along with some eyebrow pencil and a little mascara!

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