Shutterstock Everyone and their moms have been asking you if you plan on tying the knot anytime soon. When you dropped a pretty substantial bomb, he didn't shy away, freeze up, or get angry—he was rational and helpful.
You don't feel guilty taking a night (or a week-long beach vacation) away from your partner to focus on friends. Your pillow talk is filled with Q&As, and you're still learning a ton about each other. A lifelong relationship often means blending your friend groups, so it's imperative that he genuinely supports the friendships that are important to you. Sure, it shows he knows how to pick his battles (we cannot watch Die Hard every single weekend), but a recent study also found that watching rom-coms together can actually strengthen your bond.

If it seems like you're going with him to more weddings than all-night happy hours, it probably means he's starting to think about settling down, too. We could give you a whole checklist of traits to cross off, but it's often your gut that will reveal how you truly feel. But even when the love, passion, and commitment are there, it can be hard to tell whether or not this is it. He may already know what makes you happy, but he also continues to ask in-depth questions about you all the time—from your passions and dreams to your childhood.
That includes getting along with your girlfriends and not feeling threatened or uncomfortable by your male friends, says Levkoff. Luckily, we got our experts to reveal the secret hints that he's ready to go ring shopping.

This doesn't mean someone isn't marriage material if they've cheated in the past, but experts suggest having a serious discussion about your partner's views on fidelity if that's the case. It shows commitment and that he has a level of maturity that is important in a long-term relationship." So it's a good sign if your partner sticks around and works through a problem when it arises—instead of blowing it off, asking for space, or turning off his phone.

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