In celebration of this special day, I have decided to share some of your favorite posts in 2014! If things are meant to work out, you should be great friends before becoming lovers anyway. If someone is not interested in you, it is in your best interest to find someone who does love and adore you for who you are. Oh and in any case you're wondering, after all the bullshit my exes put me through, i won't be dating anyone 2years younger than me anymore. Thirdly, the main focus and tip I'm giving here is not about getting over a person but knowing how to feel good about yourself. IF i'm really in love with someone, I think it's crucial for me to ensure that I not only love her, but also ensures that she stays happy. However, if you truly and seriously loved someone, then you'll be able to realize that it's ok if they don't love you back. Lastly, if you believe in destiny then you should know that things happen when they are meant to be. Recently while talking with friends, I was struck by how much time is spent explaining away and hypothesising on another person’s behaviour. Before things really have a chance to unfold and without each person owning their own, you’re willing to basically account for them.
One of the things that I realised about the EUM was that I really really LIKED myself when I was around him.
There are times when I really miss feeling as though I’m good and nice to be around, and to see that reflected by the other person. I donВґt think itВґs a bad thing to not let an AC know how much he hurt you… itВґs a way to protect your pride.
Anyway I just wanted to share that it helped because it was relevant to what the other person was saying about how frustrating it is to go out with a people pleasing doormat. Please stay strong, it’s early days of NC and you will fell better eventually and it’s good that he is not in the picture, at least you can concentrate on YOU and do not have to see or talk to this loser! How to Deal with Your Baby Daddy – Although this post was written in January 2013, it still continues to be a major success on Epic Mommy Adventures, and is the top post every week.
9 Tips for a Better Relationship with Your Baby Daddy – This post was one of the first posts that I wrote in 2014, and was a popular one throughout the year. 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Working Mom – Working moms of all kinds always receive a certain level of criticism. While you let both your feelings reach equilibrium, you'll find it becoming easier to ignore your strong feelings for them and just sit back, relax and chill with them.

Most people (like me) tend to start blaming ourselves when we find out that we're unable to make the person we love, love us back. Know that you are worth it, and that there are plenty of people out there who will love you.
Like the phrase: " It takes 2 hands to clap, 2 to tango ", it takes 2 people to be in a relationship and even though you feel the way you do, maybe it was meant to be this way. I told myself " She isn't worth my love, she's too young to realize what she's doing to me so guess that's that." Somehow this form of self-console kinda works if you put your mind into it! People part for reasons beyond human comprehension but reality is in fact, remaining and it will stay if you are meant to love each other and be with each other. But making excuses for people opens you up to hurt, it detaches you from reality, and may even prove to be a distraction from ensuring that you’re with people and in situations that reflect your own values. Keep your feet firmly in reality, watch, listen, pay attention to your own feelings and observe. It was even worse, when, after we broke up he ended up acting really spiteful and saying all these awful things…it was like he felt owed for having been nice and it not having worked out. Why do these idiots get high off of what basically amounts to someone loving them under duress.
In this post, I shared several tips that will help to build a co-parenting relationship with your child’s father. Although the things that people say are pretty irritating, it’s good to know that there are others that are not as critical. Life is never ideal though and to get this kind of relationship to work, you really need a whole lot of patience!
Sometimes you'll need the years to experience more about life; Going through the different problems and obstacles you face in life and through there, you'll grow up and start maturing. Another advantage of dating someone your age (or older) would be that they have more stories and experiences to share with you, as compared to someone who's much younger than you. For example - The person at the top of your best friend list may rank you only at the middle of their list. I've been really busy everyday for the past week as mentioned in my previous blogpost; Filming, school and work has practically killed me. He moved to another state to be with me after barely knowing me, when I was transferred,and at the time he always made me feel completely pathetic. How I cringe now, but I agree with you, I can see how he encouraged this state in me, by witholding sex, managing me down etc, capitalised on it, by generating The Worlds Most Super Understanding Girlfriend, TM. To this I mean, take the high road and be ridiculously evasive so as not to let them know how much they hurt me or to not let people call me bitter…oh such wasted energy!

It’s not a nice state of affairs as it leaves you feeling incredibly insecure and doubting your every action. Although this same tips can be applied in the case of a single father dealing with a child’s mother, I have specifically spoken from the perspective of a single mom. I have had numerous single moms reach out to me for some tips on how to cope with this issue, and I was so happy to share my own thoughts on it.
I know myself that I can suddenly get very irritated with someone who shows no boundaries…yet I have struggled to hold boundaries up myself. Well I admit to being a tad bit jealous of all of you ladies who go NC and they hunt you down anyways and get in contact with you in whatever way they can.
As a single parent, it happens more times than not, but you have to know your breaking point before it starts affecting your child.
Obviously I had no choice to move on because she will never love me back the way I love her. So, if you truly love them, it doesn't matter if they feel the same way in the end as your love conquers all.
Excuses haven’t done much for you lately other than keep you knee deep in something that ends up detracting from your self-esteem. They’re just not that special that you should basically step up as their unpaid interpreter and translator.
Easier said than done but for a relationship to work you have to be totally truthful to yourself and not get lost in some ideal of who you should be. However painful it must have been for me, I tolerated it and understood that it's for the best for the both of us.
Sometimes when we’re needy we forget our real voice and end up as some convoluted version of our perfect persona. That is never going to work for as you rightly say you just come across as the altruistic, ridiculous perfect person that your partner cannot relate to. Better to air your laundry openly and just be yourself, let that hair down and have the confident take it or leave it attitude because nothing trumps that in the end for me. When you think you’re not happy with your life, always think that someone is happy simply because you exist. You have changed and touched lives more than you realize.Love is there at all times to guide us.

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