While it is doing this, I cannot do anything in Outlook for 15-30 seconds or even a minute! This happens when you have Outlook set to automatically download pictures from the Internet and when the web server hosting the image is slow or not available. With newsletters from upcoming web services, this is more likely to be the case but it can also happen when an email contains an excessive amount of pictures or when you have a slow connection yourself.
Even with the default settings not not automatically download pictures, you still could get this dialog. Note: Even if you do not have these issues, it is still recommended to enforce the settings below to tighten Outlook’s security and increase your privacy by preventing from being tracked by so called “web bugs”. Note: Click on the image on the top right of the article to see a screenshot of these settings as configured in Outlook. A real fix for this was first included in Hotfix KB2881058 for Outlook 2010 and Hotfix KB2883076 for Outlook 2013 which will prevent Outlook from showing download prompts and hanging when the link for a linked image doesn’t work (for any image, not just for PayPal messages).

This waiting game can happen again unless you tighten upOutlook’s Automatic Download settings.
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By default Outlook will block images in HTML formatted email until you allow them to be downloaded. When you get an HTML email for the first time that contains pictures or images, you’ll see a yellow security message at the top of the message. After that the pictures for the email will be displayed, where in this case it’s the Twitter logo. If you click on Change Automatic Download Settings, the Trust Center will open and you can fine tune the rules from there. Of course maybe you don’t want the images to download so the email opens faster and you can click on the link to go straight to the sender’s website.

To prevent it from showing up, you need to set the automatic download settings a bit more stricter. Just make sure you select the option not to download the pictures or you might need to do some waiting again. This can be an ideal solution for “web bugs” in legitimate newsletters that you receive but do want to see the other pictures of. But if you’re getting newsletters say from Microsoft or us here at How-To Geek, you can be assured there is no malicious code contained in them.

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