Recently, I read a really interesting piece by Raul Felix about the Generation Y Division that inevitably exists, based on those who entered the military versus those who went to college.
It was not the first time I dated a military man; being a strong, ambitious female- I find that men who “like a challenge” don’t normally have a liberal arts degree and come to my yoga classes (no offense to those who do, just keeping it real). The typical, grew up near a military base and was told she had to have a man, so she would do anything to get one kind of girl, who is also usually the same girl who cheats on her man while he is deployed…. So there you have it — just a couple of words of caution so you know what you’re really signing up for if you choose to date the lust-worthy and all-powerful man in uniform.
I joined the Florida Army National Guard in 1991 while attending college mainly because [of] the first Gulf War and my father and grandfather are retired military. A Polish military man, 32, has been found dead after a fall from near the summit of Oregon's Mount Hood.Sebastian Kinasiewicz was reported missing on Monday by his roommate after he failed to return on Sunday.

I was among the 8% of women who served as the only in-living-color eye candy for a cesspool of testosterone.
Be prepared and try to understand that 3 to 6 months of bro bonding time really is not healthy for a man, and he has to do what he has to do to overcome that. It can be the most incredible relationship you’ve ever had, BUT, like any other relationship- it takes work, it takes compassion, it takes patience and understanding. Since October 2004 I have been overseas or lived at a military base for nearly three years, and during that time she has taken care of everything. Crews found his car at a trailhead, but a daylong search of two routes that start at that point failed to determine his whereabouts.The search resumed today using a helicopter with equipment that can identify a signal from an international cellphone, Hood River County sheriff's Sgt. Although I did not serve in the military (I tried- they wouldn’t let me), I absorbed and experienced the pain and hardships they endured from the friendships I cultivated, from the yoga classes I instructed, and from the daily interactions where I looked for an insider’s glance into the military man’s life.

Couple that with the seriously beyond-human-comprehension brutalities of war that your man may have experienced, and hey- it could trickle into your relationship. Army and the Georgia Army National Guard, Hamm's most recent military assignment was six months as commander of the Georgia Garrison Training Command at Fort Stewart, Ga.
And yes, I still chose to date a man-in-uniform despite the crude, ugly truths that Raul described. Call a girlfriend, find a new lipstick shade, and keep this one out of sight from your guy.

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