Lay out all the patches out in front of you in their correct place, this will help you see which patches will be sewn together. I recommend buying some templates as they will last for many years and so they are definitely worth it if you are planning to do a lot of patchwork, but if you are unable to buy these templates, you can make your own.
For a traditional look make them from plain natural coloured papers or for a more contemporary twist use multi-coloured or bright shades.

I drew around the templates and scanned the images for you to download with the following link, print them out and carefully trace them onto a vinyl template sheet and cut them out (it is very important to be accurate when tracing and cutting otherwise the patches will not match up). There will be other projects involving weaving with other materials on the things-to-make-and-do website so try them out and have some fun. KEEP the cut off pieces as they can be used to make a bookmark (see the bookmark section in paper and card projects) or they can be used to fill smaller shaped openings in other projects.

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