I just pierced one of my ears this morning to see how bad it hurt, and I was doing this to myself. For me, I don't like getting pierced ears, but my mom has ear rings on her ears, in fact, she has a lot of jewelry, from ear rings to bracelets. We're so glad you shared your comment with us, and we hope you'll let us know what you decide when it comes to pierced ears! Hi Alyssa, many folks refrain from piercing their ears - there are lots of ways to decorate your ears, just like you mentioned! If you're worried about your safety, don't go to a shop such as Claire's that uses a piercing gun. Close your eyes or look away when they are doing it or the piercer can count to 3 - 5 out loud so you know when they are piercing your ears. If you are scared and you are a child getting them done (like me) bring your favorite teddy to comfort you! There is always a risk for infection when piercing, so do your research and take precautions to keep yourself safe. If you're prone to getting infections or have gotten an infection in the past ask your doctor if getting your ears pierced will put you at risk for getting another infection.
Piercing the ear and adorning it with tiny pieces of jewelry has been in vogue since a long time and is equally popular among men and women.
You can flaunt the industrial piercing by connecting two pierced holes on the upper ear, with a single straight piece of jewelry.
In daith piercing, a curved needle is used to make the hole, so as to avoid damage to other parts of the ear.
The tragus, a small projection in the front of the ear canal, can be pierced by using a hollow, low-gauge needle.
In anti-tragus piercing, the inner cartilage of the ear, situated in the antiragus, is pierced to insert a jewelry. During snug piercing, a piece of jewelry is inserted into the anti-helix portion of the ear, which stretches from the medial to lateral surfaces.
As the highly popular stereotype goes, a piercing on the right ear of a male supposedly indicates homosexuality, and a piercing on the left ear of a male supposedly indicates …heterosexuality. I'm getting my ears pierced this weekend, and your wonder made me feel better about getting them done!
It may seem scary, but in fact getting your ears pierced is perfectly safe and not that painful.
Know that you can wear clip-on earrings or use converters to wear pierced earrings, if you want to wear earrings without the pain of the piercing. Think about ways to mitigate any risks you learn about, and come up with a plan to keep your ears clean and safe.
The only way to sterilize piercing equipment is through the use of an autoclave, which would ruin a plastic gun. Know that your ears might actively hurt for a little while directly afterwards, but remember that it will stop soon.

Focus on the best part of getting your ears pierced -- think about how you'll look with your new earrings! Ask your friend to help you stay positive and to periodically remind you how great having your pierced ears will be.
Ask the piercer if they can pierce both of your ears at the same time so that you can get it over with faster.
People, especially the teenagers, simply love to flaunt their pierced ears, adorned with suitable jewelry, made of silver, titanium, gold, steel, etc.
In this case, the piece of jewelry is inserted, after making the hole, with the help of a small-gauge, hollow piercing needle.
The center ear cartilage, adjacent to the ear canal, is pierced by using a large-gauge, hollow piercing needle.
The jewelry, a barbell or a threaded accessory, is inserted from the first piercing and traveling diagonally across the front portion of the upper cartilage of the ear, goes through the second hole. We love your connection to our ear pierced Wonder, and we are cheering for you here at Wonderopolis!
We bet she is thrilled to know that you have been WONDERing about all the cool jewelry your mom wears. Some of them got over it and got their ears pierced, while others would rather just wear clip-on earrings or none at all. Once I was in Claire's and I saw a little girl get her ears pierced and the girl had a complete MELTDOWN. Knowing what to expect, thoroughly researching and planning your piercing, and coming up with ways to help yourself relax throughout the piercing will help you approach it calmly and reasonably. You might decide that you don't need to get your ears pierced at all, saving you a lot of stress and pain. If you're worried about the legal side and about what your rights will be if anything goes wrong, take time to read the waiver through. Squeeze your friend's hand when you need to, and talk to your friend to take your mind off the piercing.
Breathing deeply slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure, mimicking the state your body is in when it really is relaxed.[1] Doing breathing exercises, or just focusing on breathing deeply, will help you calm down your body, which will make the stress of the piercing much easier to deal with. Laughing is a key way to reduce stress and calm you down, so whether you're laughing about the piercing itself or about an unrelated story your friend tells you, it will help you relax. Rook piercing is a very painful process, mainly because of a large amount of cartilage tissues being present in the anti-helix.
While piercing, the needle is driven into a tiny cork, positioned behind the tragus, so that it doesn’t get into the aural canal. Now it is fairly normal for teenagers to have piercings and it doesn't mean anything about being gay or straight.
We wish your brother a happy early birthday, and we hope you have a great weekend together!
She sounds like a super talented lady, and we are so glad she's a WONDERful part of your life!

Learn about how to take care of your ears after piercing them, including how long to keep your earrings in and how to clean your ears. Chat about your weekend plans, what's going on in school, that great movie you just saw -- talk about anything but the piercing.
Joking about the piercing will make it seem less daunting, which will help you approach it more calmly and easily.
Also called scaffold piercing, this is probably the most painful of all the types of ear piercing. There are lots of ways you can express your style and personality, so earrings are cool but they're not the most important thing! Thinking about your motives will help put the piercing itself in perspective, and remind you that the benefits of having your ears pierced will outweigh the pain of actually doing it. Make sure you're comfortable with the risks of piercing your ears, and be confident that you'll be able to take care of them after they're pierced.
Chances are most of the people getting piercings are a little nervous, so they'll know exactly how to make you feel better. Think about what they will look like with earrings on, and be totally comfortable with the placement of the dots before they make the piercings. I thought the little bit of soreness was worse than piercing it, it bugs when it lingers for a little bit.
And my other little brother's birthday is coming up, and he is going to get his ears pierced, too. Many boys and men choose to pierce their ears, too.One thing many children worry about when thinking about piercing their ears is whether or not it will hurt. If you like your earlobes just the way they are, the thought of poking a sharp metal object through them might make you shiver.Don’t worry, though! Today’s modern ear piercing machines make the process of getting your ears pierced a quick — and fairly painless — event. Long ago, though, the process of piercing was probably a painful proposition.Today, though, numbing agents are used to numb the earlobes.
Piercing machines pierce the earlobe and insert an earring simultaneously in a process that takes mere seconds. Most children don’t feel much more than a tiny pinch!If you’re wondering when children should be allowed to get their ears pierced, it’s really a matter of personal preference.
Most parents have their own feelings about what an appropriate age would be.In general, many children can get their ears pierced only when they’re old enough to care for their pierced ears properly.
Once they’ve healed, pierced ears don’t require much maintenance, but children should also be able to insert and remove earrings on their own.When you first get your ears pierced, you should leave the earrings in until your ears are completely healed. If you make your own jewelry, that’s about the most personal form of expression you can have!

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