The images show children lying in rocky fields where they died, a woman whose throat was cut and the decapitated bodies of children. The human body is a miracle; though you may disagree if you're sitting there in the throes of an allergy attack or a hangover. The truth is your body can take a lot of abuse, and we've all heard amazing stories of people living through hacked off limbs, extreme temperatures and even falling out of airplanes. Doctors are unsure how he managed to survive the accident but suspect that the weight of the wheels may have kept him from bleeding to death (though not very well--he lost about half the blood in his body).

Joseph was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered the 19 bullet-holes in his body. If you've watch news coverage of a war--or seen a war movie--over the last couple of decades you probably saw the bad guys using the above Rocket Propelled Grenades, which is a kind of shoulder-fired missile about the size of the head of a baseball bat. Upon closer inspection it turned out Channing had a bit of luck on his side, in that the exploding warhead part of the rocket was not in his body, just the rocket and detonator.
They severed his body in half at the waist, incredibly leaving him alive and conscious to hear the machinery grinding his body in two as he was dragged 75 feet.

A liter and a half of blood was drained from his chest and then he was given a tetanus shot, which is something we wish we could take credit for making up. Moss felt something hit him in the side and when he looked down saw that he had a fucking smoking rocket jutting out from his body.

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