Anna and Lucy Decinque are 28 year old identical twins who not only share everything (a job, a car, a Facebook accountВ  etc) but also share the same boyfriend.
The twins' boyfriend is a 31-year-old electrical mechanic and says at first he found it hard to balance two girlfriends'It's my first time with two girlfriends, and to be honest it's very difficult because it has to be 100 per cent even,' Mr Byrne told Woman's Day.'Whatever I do for one I have to do for the other, so it's a fine balance.
And more importantly he has the seal of approval from Anna and Lucy's mother who said her girls' live-in boyfriend was 'a true gentleman'.Jeanna said she was happy as long as the girls were happy and had formed a strong bond with Mr Byrne as she found herself sticking up for him when he fought with the twins.

Identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque share everything; their phone, their car, their job and now even their boyfriend. TWIN sisters say they decided they want to look identical to be able to share everything in their lives. The twins, who used to work at Lash Sublime — Eyeline Extensions in Perth, now share a job serving meals to the elderly.

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