Gemini Man is an elegant fighter who is confident in his abilities, but is rather conceited.
Once the clone is defeated (it will be destroyed when half of Gemini Man's health is depleted), Gemini Man will change his pattern and begin firing his Gemini Laser.
Gemini Man is the last opponent encountered in Episode 2, fought by Mega Man just before he tries to enter the Temple of the Moon. If the player loses to Gemini Man however, he will finish off Mega Man with one final shot from his Gemini Laser, and laughs triumphantly upon doing so- making him one of the few Robot Masters who the player cannot continue against if they lose. After the battle, Gemini Man is critically damaged, but tells Mega Man that he learned from Quick Man about Doctor Wily's dangerous new ambitions. This laser reflects off of the walls, so you'll have to keep an eye on it while looking out for Gemini Man.

In Tournament mode he is a member of the Fire Man, Wood Man, Needle Man, Dust Man, Skull Man, Enker, and Wily teams.
During his introduction cutscene, he demonstrates his cloning powers to a confused Mega Man and Beat from the steps of the temple, simultaneously attacking them with many Gemini Lasers. In order to help Mega Man, he warns him that the door at the top of the temple is booby-trapped, and explains that the door in the middle of the temple is the real entrance, just before collapsing. Gemini Man also has a hatred and fear of snakes, mainly because his weakness is the Search Snake. His new pattern will be running from left to right and jumping when Mega Man fires at him, similar to Crash Man's.
Mega Man is eventually able to decipher which one is the real one, allowing the two to battle, with Mega Man coming out victorious.

It is best to shoot at the clone in the air as he is about to land, then jump to avoid the bullets of the other Gemini Man. Besides this, in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters he'll also be able to create dimensional rifts to summon Tsuranattoris to his aid. However, even without his clones helping him, he is a very tricky opponent to deal with- especially when he brings his Special Weapon, the fast and reflective Gemini Laser, into play.

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