Use these fun questions for couples as a connection-building relationship compatibility test - romantic questions and even some of the most intimate questions to ask your partner to learn more about her, discover deeper preferences and the things that make her happy!
Love Tester uses data from Facebook profiles to calculate the compatibility of individuals, giving people a fun insight into their romantic lives with partners or crushes.
Love Tester is a new website that allows people to enter their name and the name of their crush to find out just how compatible they are. A spokesperson for Love Tester explained, “Love Tester is a fun new love test and we have launched a website to provide an official home for the game outside the social network, so people can find out about through major search engines and play the game via the web page as well.

About Love Tester: Love Tester is a new website supporting the Facebook game Lover Tester, which helps couples find out how strong and true their love for one another really is through a fun and interactive test.
The site is regularly updated and allows lovers to play through the site itself as well as on Facebook, providing an entertaining diversion for people in love.
As a species, we keep developing more creative ways to express and experience love, and fun online games are the latest trend. The game is great fun for people to play either targeting individuals or simply entering random names as a surprise.

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