Last month, I brought you the best optical illusions on the web, which tested how your mind manipulates your perceptions, and now I bring you some of the web’s best psychological tests. These tests may reveal to you the deepest parts of your own subconscious, which may horrify and astound you “” but at least taking the tests will be fun. Jung Typology Test The Jung Typology Test reveals your personality type using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a well-established personality test first published in 1962. It is a fun and interesting way of looking at the people around you and, by understanding which one they are, being able to understand why they act the way they.

Cognitive Fun Cognitive Fun is an excellent website with tons of unique psychological tests. Many will test your reaction time and memorization abilities, and you’ll also find the classic Stroop color test on the site. Based on whether or not you make mistakes when grouping images, the test purports to reveal whether you may have a subconscious preference for faces of European or African origin. If you want more information behind the results that you’re getting from these tests, consider checking out some informative psychology websites.

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