I got some really great feedback from y'all about the "Lately" link-up idea on Wednesday and am going to do the first link-up one week from today:  Friday, November4! Creating the costume was no problem--I have just about pink everything and it was so fun putting it all together in one crazy outfit!
Saturday night, Bryce and I went on a double date with Claire, from Life in the Sweet Virginia Breeze, and her Mr.
Finally, I'd like to thank you all for your sweet comments about my choosing to decrease blogging to twice a week during the remainder of student teaching. One thing I love about Fall is that you can find neat ideas and activities to do without breaking the bank, and is quite appropriate for a college girl's budget.
I am happy to report that my sinus infection is 99% cured and that this weekend in Cville was lots of fun  and also provided some relaxation time that I desperately needed. We got into Cville early Friday evening, got checked into our hotel, and ready for dinner with AMF and her boyfriend CKJ.
It's the Spice Girls "Wannabe!"  I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls back in the day and went to one of their concerts with my dad in the 3rd grade--how fun! I'm quoting the Spice Girls because today I am looking for your input--I want to know what YOU, my readers want from Sundresses and Smiles during the next few months.
Have a variety of friends: Another important thing to balance in your marriage is friendships. It's another one of those crazy weeks--I'm hitting my breaking point with exhaustion and am also fighting a bad cold.

Last weekend after our Pumpkin Patch adventures, Bryce and I had plans for dessert and wine with SEG and her main squeeze. Share out some ingredients that you can find in the kitchen and see who can come up with the best dish for dinner for each other. There are loads to choose from: if you want to tax your brain, try trivial pursuit or scrabble.
Get the right wine, the right food, put on a movie set in your chosen country and away you go. Bring back those happy childhood memories and have an evening in with Walt Disney or your favorite Kids’ TV shows.
When you cut your spouse down to other people, you're really just making yourself look bad and although you might think venting feels good, it really doesn't solve anything. Whether that's making pancakes on Saturdays or always going to the same restaurant on your anniversary or whatever, I think having special things you do on a regular basis really helps strengthen your connection and creates memories for the future. Thanks again to Allie for letting me share this with y'all today, and I hope you'll stop over and visit me at In the Pink and Green!
Make the night complete with a bowl full of kids’ candy and you can reminisce how they all used to be bigger and taste better, when you were young. If you plan and organize your trip yourselves, without using an agent, you can choose exactly where you want to go and where you want to stay, and it will probably be less expensive too. It's awesome to have your best friend with you all the time and start building your life together.

Getting dressed up for each other and actually going out for a date night every once and while helps to keep things fun and exciting. I love to cook and bake, read, travel, shop, and I'm trying to become more eco-friendly, so my blog is my place to share it all with the world.
However, I know that in order to have a healthy marriage you should try to build your spouse up with your words, not tear them down to others. It doesn't always have to be something super fancy, just something to get you and your spouse out of the house together to enjoy each other's company. But you need to be willing to put in that time if your relationship is going to keep moving forward. We're lucky to have quite a few different couples that fit this bill, and it's nice to be able to hang out with people who can relate to what you're going through in married life. However, chances are that you're also going to have friends where maybe your husband might not get along with your friend's husband, or vice versa and that's ok too. It's important to realize that you can still maintain a friendship even if your spouses aren't going to be best buds, and it's not something you need to force. No (and he doesn't with me either!) and that's ok, so not losing your friendships is crucial to your personal happiness and the health of your marriage.

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