It’s no secret that we absolutely LOVE birthdays—they’re like little, personal holidays for celebrating all our favorite people! But sometimes—maybe it’s someone’s birthday that you’re really close to, or even someone that’s just been great to you in the past year—those celebrations call for something EXTRA special.
Here are some super-fun (and for the most part, pretty easy) birthday surprise ideas for when you need to go that extra celebratory mile.
It’s just like the Christmas song, but with a birthday present leading up to someone’s birthday.
Nothing says birthday like balloons!В Surprise your kids, your significant other, or roommate with an avalanche of balloons as soon as they open the door.В This is usually done while the birthday person is sleeping, but it would be pretty great for a surprise party, too!
If you like the balloon avalanche, but you’re looking for something much prettier (that also smells nice), check out this flower bomb idea from designlovefest.
Hope these ideas get those birthday juices flowing, and as always, if you’ve got other ideas for us, we’d love to hear them!

My friend’s birthday is coming soon and I would love to give her the most unexpected birthday!
These are fantastic ideas for birthday surprises, but in suggestion 3 it is mentioned that the 12 days of Christmas are the days leading up to Christmas.
We originally saw the idea onВ Mother’s Niche, but thought that it would be really cool to do with a theme.
Or you could put a birthday present in a closet, and then fill the closet with balloons like Oh Happy Day, so all the birthday happy falls out when they open it! If you can’t be with someone on their birthday, bring back some of that postal joy by sending a birthday care package. Each stop could be a surprise, with the birthday-person being whisked from one thing to the next—or at the start of the day, you could hand them a full itinerary using our free printableВ birthday schedule. If you’ve decided to combine this with the ‘day of awesomeness’ idea from #1, you could give a present related to each event you have throughout the day!

For example, if your big birthday gift for someone was a weekend getaway to the beach, each smaller gift for the first eleven days could be a clue leading up to the big gift—a pair of flip-flops, sunglasses, or a bottle of suntan lotion.
If you buy your cards online, you can have them all scheduled to go out on different days, so your birthday-boy or girl will get one every day leading up to their birthday.
In this spirit, you could use a birthday as the starting point for several days of celebration, much as Christmas Day is traditionally the starting point for 12 days of celebration.

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