From crazy to stalker, these messages are not something any girl at any age should send to a guy. In the entire group of messages, there was only one that I can support (and trust me, one out of fourteen is not good odds here). While every girl may obsess over what to send the guy they like, it’s best not to over-think it.
Personally, I keep to the “if you have nothing to say of interest, don’t bother sending a text” rule. Just relax and have a good time, remember to follow through with your flirting when you meet him in person the next day!

They draft a text they want to send to a guy and then spend the next four hours analyzing it to make sure it’s absolutely perfect in every way, doesn’t have any un-intended subtext (while still having all the right intended subtext), and ensures that a response will be immediate and exactly what she wants in return. Focusing on flirty messages to send to your crush, these texting examples are supposed to give girls ideas on what they should send to the guy they like to “start the conversation with your crush.” What I found was appalling. The rationale behind the text makes sense – giving himВ something to talk about the next time you see each other. If you flirt with him through text messaging, try flirting a bit when you see him in person. If you're a hot flirty chick over text message then hide in the corner because you're shy when you see each other in real life, it will send mixed messages!

It’s nice that Seventeen wanted to give some suggestions, but no matter what age the guy is the proposed messages are sure to creep him out.

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