You are coworkers, friends, or neighbors who engage in a flirtationship and wait for your chance to be more. Now that we’ve established what a flirtationship is and why you’ve probably been in one at some point (or are currently) let’s discuss why they’re so damn popular right now.
Now this next one is likely to piss off a good number of people but flirtationships can be a great marriage saver.
Share your favorite flirtationship story (whether it was an accidental flirtationship or deliberate one) below.
While catching up on some reading during vacation recently (and by reading, we mean tackling the big pile of magazines that was growing on the nightstand) one of us came across Glamour’s word of the month: flirtationship. Sometimes distance can make flirting feel “safer” and things can get pretty intense but it stays a flirtationship and nothing more.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other flirtationship scenarios but I believe those are the most popular. Guess what you don’t have to worry about while you work all that out; that’s right, a flirtationship. Defined as “the affectionate back-and-forth rapport you have with your ‘I swear he’s just a friend’ guy,” most of us have at least one guy (or girl, if that’s your thing) who we have a flirtationship with. A flirtationship gives you the opportunity to practice all your flirting skills on a willing participant.
Unless you start calling your flirtationships by the wrong name or sending the wrong text to the wrong woman. A flirtationship provides many of the benefits of a relationship without the complications sex can bring into the situation.

While a flirtationship may not involve the messy breakup a relationship might, the ending can be just as uncomfortable.
A flirtationship can satisfy that if you don’t have time to dedicate to dating or maintaining a relationship.

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