If you dolled up on your first date, we’re certainly not asking you to wear your sweats for the second date. It may be exciting that you found someone who is equally interested in you, but make no mistake- a second date does not mean they’re yours. Yes, you had a great first date, but remember your date is human and is bound to have flaws (just like you). Increase your income, reduce your work hours, and get better with women by getting my 400+ page book for just $9 right here.
Before we get into specifics on how to improve your second date ratios, I need to repeat that all-too-important concept: dating and seduction is a numbers game. Even if you have the looks ofВ Ryan Gosling, the vibe of Johnny Depp, and the game skills of Mystery, you are still going to have a reasonably significant percentage of women who will never want to see you again after a first date. At the same time, if you are having first date after first date and tons of women are vanishing right after, then something is probably offВ in your game, frame, attitude, or appearance that you need to adjust. Here are fiveВ ways you can raise your odds that a woman will want to see you again (sexually) after a first date, listed in order of importance and prevalence. MostВ guys I run intoВ who are decent atВ getting first dates but horrible at getting second dates are often the ones acting too playerish. On a first date, unless you know for 99% certainly that you are getting laid on that date, if you kiss a woman, your odds of ever having sex with her on any subsequent date go DOWN. I have empirical data in my own spreadsheets to back this up, and every guy I’ve given this advice to has reported back that it did make a positive difference. It might feel nice to kiss a woman on a first date, especially when she’s really hot and seems really receptive.
I know this may not make sense to your logical male brain, but don’t kiss women on first dates.
Even if you are following my advice and not talking much,В at some point you’ll have to talk a little bit, soВ you need to watch what you say. Any time you talk it should be to make a simple, easy, casual, non-controversial, non-judgmental statement, or to ask a question. I have noticed that some guys who are great at getting first dates but terrible at getting second ones tend be reallyВ intimidating dudes.
If any of that sounds like it might apply to you, you need to relax, chill, and calm the fuck down. When I first started OLD, I got some feedback on the messages I was sending out and it was very helpful. Again, unless you have a unique challenge or are focusing on women over age 33, your success rates for second dates should be extremely high, as in around 70% or more. Third date sex is okay in my book as long as dates one and two were very brief and near-zero in cost.
The most attractive quality a man can demonstrate is confidence, and not outcome independence. But the #1 quality feminine (beautiful) women are attracted to the most is masculinity, and confidence is the primary expression of masculinity. As of the dating tips, I don’t agree, but then I follow a complete different method of dating girls, and that is to get them into bed as quick as possible. Often I succeed within the very first hours I get to know the girl, or simply on our first date. For guys who are feeling nervous, just think of something relaxing prior to the date, relax, calm down, and be yourself. Waiting three dates for sex is bad enough; waiting four or more dates for sex is not a win. Men don’t understand that if you play her game and wait 4+ dates for sex, you have started the relationship off on her terms. I’ve discussed those two topics in-depth all over this blog and in my postcasts already. Most women are left-wing liberals and proud of it, so if you have a bunch of blatant right-wing conservative stuff (or even libertarian stuff) plastered all over your Facebook page, and you have a habit of putting women on your FB page pre-sex, you’re sexual success rates will suffer.
Hypergamy has been getting worse with the unrelenting advancement of feminism and newfound social media tools.
The answer is that a man should work to improve himself anyway, regardless of women and even if he never has sex ever again for the rest of his life, as I explain here.
This is why you should learn (at least) some game BUT ALSO improve yourself and be authentic. But I guess many men know this and would categorize it with the beta who patiently waits through many dates before any sex happens.

The most nervous event in a gay man’s single life is the first date with a new suitor. I offered a list of 20 direct questions that will help you on your next introductory date as a list that will help you get to really get to know your suitor — especially if he is good enough for a second date or the long haul.
You may think that some or many of these questions are quite intrusive to ask on a first date. The important thing is not to put too much pressure on it, because the success of the date depends on not just the place, but also on how you act. If asking for a second date wasn't hard enough, now you have to think of a place where to go. Mainly, this is a good second date because you can be alone and close to each other, and all you are left to do is enjoy the scenery, get to know each other better and if you are lucky, land the second date kiss. There is something about cute food and love that just goes perfect together, as we have seen in the movies so very often Lady and the Tramp. Good second date ideas include being out on water, in the open where you can be close to each other, yet experience something exciting.
Going to a class together can be one of those good date ideas as long as you both are on that track.
As we have mentioned before, doing something you both enjoy, will bring you even closer together, and there will be no awkward silences because topics for conversation will keep imposing on their own. The only second date rules you have to follow are the following: don't be awkward and don't be pushy.
Make sure to leave a positive impression and definitely ask for the third date, if you feel you have hit it off. Second date ideas work well on third dates as well, so now you are ready to knock him off his feet.
Usually you want to take your time planning your date, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If you are stuck in a rut after the first and second date and you don’t know where to go, you are in the right place. Rather than asking everyone for advice on what to do when you are going on your first date with someone, you are at the right place. Repeating your questions from the last date or forgetting what you two talked about would be horrible.
Your date may have also decided to be more truthful to you so its important to not hope for perfection. Enjoying each others company is a very big and important part of being with someone- make sure that happiness clicks between you two. Audrey covers the latest talent and trends in entertainment, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. But if your game is like mine and revolves around getting to sex on the second date, a 100% player vibe is going to murderВ your results.
But I promise it won’t be nice when she blows you off for the second date, or agrees to a second date but gets pissy when you try to escalate to sex. A first date is not a time for you to just shoot your mouth off and say whatever you want, and too many men treat it as such. The way I view it is, since I don’t do one night stands, the first and second date are brief investments in appeasement to receive a years-long nonmonogamous relationship that will take place the way *I* see fit pretty much the entire time. If you are running ONS or SNL game, then of course you would have to kiss her on the first date.
In the past several years I can only think of one woman where I had to literally wait four dates for full-on sex.
Try to find what she really likes to talk about by asking her proving questions, and focus in on that.
She checked it out and did not like what she saw there…bottom line is I was told point blank she would not go out or have sex with me because of that.
Do not despair; we have some good second date ideas that will make you the master of dating life.
Then take advantage of it and propose the second date that includes going out to that place, or something similar. Luckily, some second date ideas don't require much planning, as is the case with going outdoors. You will get to enjoy the food, have a conversation and you will take the tension of the date for sure. He will be in love with your creative date ideas so far, and the second date will be so romantic, that coming back to the land will be the saddest part of the date, and keep him wanting more the next day.

It is a good place, because you can get to know each other better, talk yet, take the pressure of by doing something that will relax you and motivate you at the same time. Third date ideas can be tricky if you have already used your best on the first and second date.
So, sometimes we need to resort to cheap date ideas that will go easy on our wallet from time to time. Here, you will know exactly what to do when you are going out with a guy on your first date.
Remember, the second date is about being yourself and seeing if you two like each other on a deeper level.
You want your date to see your versatility and likewise its good to see your date in another element. Because everyone is different, there are no rules to how physical one should get on each date (just things we can highly suggest). Most women, even very nice sweet ones, are very picky about this withinВ a first date environment.
The only time you talk should be when you’re asking her questions to keep her talking.
Touch her, have a sexual vibe, talk about sex, keep the date to just 60 minutes, then get the hell out of there. That advice is only for men who know they’re going to have to have a second date before sex. It has more to do with the amount of bullshit, drama, and betaization you’ll have to put up with from a woman if you wait that long to have sex with her. When she came over for the second time, she knew it would be a sexual and not a boyfriend relationship. It will definitely work, as long as the place isn't Paris, and you don't own a private jet. Or even take him to restaurant he likes the most, that is, if you have paid attention on your first date, and tried to find that out. You will still be close to each other and the pleasure of you both doing an activity you enjoy will bring you even closer together. Of course, you need to know what your date likes doing, hopefully you have a few minutes to spare to discuss where he wants to go before you start off the date. Stay tuned for some third date advice that will help you create an exciting date worth remembering.
Many people discover that after an amazing first date, the conversation may not be as smooth on the second date. Even if she asks you a question, answer it quickly in a neutral manner, then immediately redirect back to her with another question.
And the thing is, I was actually being more definitive, more decisive, but the girls couldn’t handle it. In fact, doing the opposite and showing off your memory can work wonders for you on a second date. These are questions that are probably important to you and will help you decide if you want to move forward with more dates.
If its the end of the night and your date keeps staring at your lips, they may be advising you to kiss them. This is true even if you state just one sentence she doesn’t like in an entire hour or two of conversation, and even if she is otherwise attracted to you. We know this is only the second date, but don’t be afraid to show them a new side of you. Its very important to see if you two can hold a conversation after the basic getting-to-know-you questions are done.
Being relaxed shows outcome independence better than any other frame, and outcome independence is the most attractive quality you can demonstrate to women.
Yes, your first date worked out, but try a different activity with a different environment.

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