In my opinion, a book about meditation is going to benefit you as much as paying a buttload of money to learn it from a cult. If you’ve had personal experience with meditation, please share in the comments section. I’ve been keeping up with the Bizarro Blog for a few weeks, now, after being a fan of your comics for years, Dan.
By the way, the TM folks convince you that your mantra is special and should never be uttered to another human being. I still believe mediation is a sound scientific process to treat yourself to for twenty minutes a day.

I had looked into TM about 5 years ago but became completely turned off with the $ you had to pay to be taught this special brand of meditation.
I did continue with the meditation itself, but found at the time that it just made me withdraw into myself. I do believe that meditation is a good mental practice for achieving a calmer state of mind in general. In truth, as you can see from the first blue link in this post, there are very few mantras assigned and they are given out more-or-less based on your age when you learn it. Also, for anyone interested, the Australian Meditation Society offers free guided meditations and lessons.

What I don’t believe is that there is any magic in the process or the mantra, which is what TM clearly promotes.

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