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Guys are taking a more active role in wedding planning these days, from picking out a venue to helping make a couple’s biggest wedding-related decision: setting a budget for the big day. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature because so many guys hate fat gurls ar tomboys or both !!!
They’re not letting in single guys, but a hot chick can cut the line and take you along for the ride.

Flirting is something that most straight guys just can’t really do with their guy friends, but a female friend is perfect for that. Even if she does nothing, just standing next to an attractive woman at a bar or club automatically makes you more attractive to other women there. And the next time you find yourself dating a woman who is interested in a threesome… you have a cute female friend waiting in the wings to be your third.
There's no shortage of women who fit the description of both highly attractive and highly intelligent on this site and none of them have answered.

I feel like I have to appear to be less intelligent than I am to be accepted by men and I feel like I have to appear to be less attractive than I am to be accepted by women.

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