Sign up for our email insights series and get a copy of our popular ebook “How to Text Girls” FREE. I've read a lot of your stuff on conversation and although some of the examples sound a bit corny to me.
But, wherever and whenever you choose to use it, this approach can have some powerful effects on getting girls working to alleviate the pressure and make things more comfortable again. I totally agree with Chase here, the more socially savvy and experienced a woman is the less you can use "tricks" and such to get a result (spot on with the age here Chase).
I haven't watched that video yet but I've seen many times how nervous some of these celebs are on camera and yes they just get on with it, people seem to think that celebs are these amazing beings who don't have problems like anyone else.
There's not as much on here about breaking rapport; that one'd be an interesting topic to write on I think.
I want to open up to girls and show them that theyre special to me without being taken advantage of and being taken for granted.
I also noticed when I actually talk to girls over text or phone I get them liking me and wanting to see me more than just texting for only a date.

Text's an awful medium for trying to actually build rapport (no context, no voice, and what you can say in 2 minutes on the phone it'll take you all day to say over text), so if you still need rapport building after grabbing her number, definitely go with an actual phone conversation. Sometimes these deep relationship questions can turn into fights, and they often explode into full-fledged relationship-ending arguments.
Roughly speaking, deep questions regarding relationships can be divided into these three areas. It's important to remember, as you ask for the deeper parts of your partner's past, that it is the past.
One of the biggest fears of deep relationship questions is that they will ask for more than you can give.
I read your articles on being warm and making a girl feel special, but I can't seem to show the soft side of me, which is telling them I care for them or that I like to spend time with them, or whatever. What I mean is I actually have conversations with girls and we talk like friends, when I try the get to the point method and just ask them to go on a date with me and the fact we know nothing about each other seems to be a problem. There are some strategies for dealing with these types of conversations that can help strengthen the bond between you and your lover.

It makes me feel like if a girl knows you care about her or if you show her she's special she'll take you for granted and since she knows she means something to you she doesn't have to work hard, But if your too cold you go into auto-rejection.
Look to create strong initial impressions, connect quickly with women, then propose a date, grab a number, and text for logistics later to set up the date. It seems to be quite an effective tool (although mostly this is social circle stuff) I've actually had a few more or less jumping through hoops when there talking to me, and they're deep diving me, rather than the other way round. The older she gets and the more experienced with men she becomes, as well as when you find yourself talking to a girl who feels she's "above" you for one reason or another, the more this works only as a tension-generator prior to physical intimacy with a girl, and the less she reacts to this kind of pressure. Anyone else would have tried to break tension by mentioning in conversation, something along the lines of: "haha sorry for stuttering I'm a bit nervous". It's important to remember that the "white picket fence" is not always for everyone, and it's better to discuss the future with an open heart and mind.

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