Procrastination is about self-deception — you aren’t aware that it’s going to cost you, but you are.
It’s just that you have a lot of layers on top of that ideal person that stops it from shining through. It takes significant effort for us to stay self-conscious and unhappy, but once you remove the layers, you become that person you want to be—just by removing the strategies that get in the way.
You spoke about the strategies that we can use to be monitor and combat the negative stimuli that may prohibit us from being confident.
It is important for kids to have self-confidence and realistic, positive perceptions of themselves.
Your child will naturally become more self-confident and resilient, if you can model the two necessary ingredients to self-esteem in your role as a parent.
When there’s no more self-deception and you finally face yourself, you’re either going to do it, or you’re not going to do it.

For some of us that meant becoming shy, while for others it meant losing their natural self confidence. When you remove the negative thoughts, strategies, and beliefs, you become your ideal self. I constantly get asked by people why I’m so quiet and it chips away at my self esteem even more. A person can be self confident and be homeless or in a monastary but what truly gives people self confidence is knowing that what ever system they believe in or follow if it be religious or non religious can provide for them away of of poverty or atleast with some basic material goods needed to sustain life.While peace of mind doesnt come from money alone it helps in this global system of capitalism we live in. By my own people I mean my friends (I have a lot of friends but not close ones), my family (other than parents and siblings) and people in my religious community (the most) and people who know me from a long time and share a lot of life events with me.
Most of these people that i feel low confident go to very good universities and have been blessed with education from the start. He continues to tell me that he loves me, we share nearly everyday together and he still talks about moving in together so I try to use that bit of evidence to boost my confidence however, I know deep down the confidence must come from within.

I am working on my irrational thoughts with my mentor though I would also value any advice or thoughts from this crowd. Also, forgot to mention, when i try to make friends i am always extra nice to other person but they never show interest in furthering the new friendship, only if its a guy and with guys they almost always want to take it to dating where as I am looking for plain friendship. One thing I am thinking of doing is going to a university where most people from my community go and face my fears and conquer them.

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