While confusing at first, Chinese internet slang can be very rewarding to learn, and opens up a whole new sphere of communication with fellow Chinese netizens.
What’s more, Chinese internet slang really isn’t that hard to learn, following generally a few very simple rules, and requiring knowledge of only a few obscure memes. Much of the internet slang currently in use originated on social media sites like these, and they continue to be filled with unique expressions which you would never find in offline media. It would be an understatement to say that Chinese people take dating (and hunting for partners) seriously. Within these apps, Chinese speakers generally use a large vocabulary of internet slang and popular double entendres to communicate and flirt with the opposite sex. The primary purpose behind this kind of slang, similar to in English, is to reduce the number of keystrokes needed to build a word.
Alternatively, for the numeric slang, numbers are used for words whoseВ pinyin sounds somewhat similar to that of the character the number represents.

As with many languages, Chinese has a huge number of specific slang insults used in its internet slang. One final category of slang seen on the internet is that which is intended to fool the censors. The good news is, the Chinese have developed a whole new vocabulary of homophone-based slang to get around this kind of censorship.
After sharing a video of his mother reading out explicit messages from gay dating app Grindr earlier this month, Irish vlogger and radio personality Riyadh Khalaf has now filmed his father learning internet slangIn the no-holds barred video, the 24-year-old talks his father through commonly used acronyms like LOL (laugh out loud) and bae (short for babe or 'before anything else').But after asking his followers for additional suggestions, he also explains more explicit online slang including acronyms WTF, DILF and NSA. This being said, it’s worth understanding the places where it’s appropriate to use Chinese slang, and when you would be better served use a more conventional Chinese vocabulary.
Given that this is a popular form of informal, interpersonal communication in China, it’s a hotbed of Chinese online slang. While public profile pages are somewhat more formal, slang is particularly prevalent in the associated chat functions of these sites.

On such apps, knowledge of slang is key to avoid embarrassing faux pas or accidentally offending a prospective partner. This form of slang replaces Chinese characters or words with with Roman capital letters or numbers.
This slang has developed into its own unique internet meme, called “The 10 Mythical Creatures of Baidu,” with Baidu being China’s search engine equivalent to Google.

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