I dated a guy that was ten years older than me and then I married a guy who is six years younger than me - both experiences taught me alot about life - I am still married to the younger guy and we will absolutely grow old together - I do believe I am happier than I would have been had the shoe been on the other foot - he does things to make me happy - he brings me a lemon cupcake home as a treat and he also brings me my first cup of coffee into my bedroom if he is home when I wake up! Tho i am male, i will answer this. When i was younger i tried dating older women, and both times i had to deal with all their insecurities that drove us apart. I have decided on dating an olderВ  man well not too old if you know what I mean I prefer to go with some one who is about five years older than I am but not past ten and it seems to be working out for me my boyfriend and I have been together for three years now and yes he is older than I am and things are great, he is sensitive, knows what he wants, financially stable, he understands me I guess because he have been through relationships before and know what to expect, he intimidates me sometimes but it all comes down to love after a while his age doesn’t even matter sometimes I dont even remember that he is older than I am.
I know what it is like to be with some one who is older than I am some people will say that you are a gold digger and all you want is his money but dont listen to the if you are in love with a guy who is older than you are you dont have to make it a problem let all the haters talk but keep doing what you are doing. He’s older than you right, then most likely he is financially stable, he has a job that means he wont be spending every waking minute with you, he wont be talking on the phone up until 4 in the morning, if you want the relationship to work then just be patient with him. While you love his big house and his fancy cars you know that he had to work for what he has, it didn’t just appear to him, he has to work for what he has and in order to do that he cant be with you every second.
Yes I know what you are thinking it is required that in every relationship you be a little spontaneous but while dating a older man it is especially important that you be spontaneous, deviate from the schedule a little some time, show up to his work place with lunch in a little red dress, keep him on his toes you dont want to be just another chore on his to do list you want to be the thing that gets him energized when he thinks about doing it, not the thing that makes he feel tired and bored, remember he is an older guy be a good sport.
What I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t make that be a problem from day one you have acknowledge the fact that he is older than you are but dont go constantly bugging him about your age difference because there is nothing that you can do about it other than to leave and end the relationship. In every relationship you need to be supportive but when you are dating an older man you should be more supportive, show him that you believe in him and that you are there to lend a hand whenever he needs it, trust me he will love you for it maybe take you out to buy ice cream to show how much he appreciates it. You dont have to be able to cook and clean for a man to love you but when you are dating an older man I would suggest that you learn to do these things a man who is looking for a women to call is wife is going to want someone who is able to look after the house, cook good food for the family and most of all take care of the kids so it doesn’t hurt if you show off your domestic stills. Listen to him, ensure that you are not all about taking his money, if you want him to care more about you then listen to what he has to say, dont pretend that you are listening but all that you are really doing is thinking about something else. You know those little games that you play because you want to know if he is really into you, he is an older guy and he doesn’t want a child and if you act like a child then he wont want you, I am not saying that you should stop playing video games or stop blowing bubbles I am saying be responsible, act mature and handle things like a grown up. Yes he is older than you and he has more experience but you need to be able to make your own mistakes because that is the only way that you will truly learn, a relationship takes two people he shouldn’t always be the one to decide where you go on a vacation or what you eat for dinner you should be able to help with the decision making as well. You are pretty young and probably you are not used to talking about the future, getting married and having kids but seeing that he is older than you are you are going to want to start with the decision making just to be sure that you are both on the same page, maybe you dont want kids and he does you should let him know so that he can get on with his life with someone who wants the same things.
Here are a few tips on dating an older man I hope that you have learned a lot, let me know what you think about this article leave a comment in the box below it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

If you are an older man in the dating game, say over 50 chances are that you are a little rusty when it comes to the seduction skills of today.
I sometimes think about the age difference when it comes to having children, but 11 years is not anything to fret about, especially since he’s young at heart, maybe more so than me. At first when they started dating I thought it would be a problem and it wouldn’t last but they are the most adorable couple ever and they are so perfect for each other. My boyfriend is only a year older than me, my older sisters partner is 8 years older than her and my younger sisters boyfriend is 4 years younger.
I always liked older men(maybe it’s because my dad passed away when I was almost 3), but never dated any. My fiance and I are getting married Sept 24- he is 15 years older than me which I forget ALL the time!
I am 20 and my fiance is 18 years older than me :) I am crazy in love with him and his kids.
My boyfriend of almost 2 years is 13 years younger than I am (I’m 37) Our age difference was challenging at first (people called me a cougar), we do have a different frame of reference (like when I had to explain who Mr. Um, yes, Ever since I started dating, I’ve always had a guy who was at least 2-8 years older than me. But the age difference works out SO well in our case because he’s German and they marry a lot later than most Americans do.
I had been dating my boyfriend (now husband) for a few months before we even asked each other’s age… so you can imagine my surprise that his 35th birthday was approaching and I had only just turned 24! So to make the relationship work then you are going to have to compromise, ensure that you have time to see each other. Age is just another number and if you keep making it a problem then it will eventually turn into a big problem, he might be older than you are but that doesn’t mean that things cant work between you two, all it means is that he is a few years older than you are and maybe he is making more money that you are, maybe he is more experienced than you are that one you cant help. I know that relationships can be hard especially now in modern days and this is why I blog about it, I think that I should share my expertise and help those who are in similar situations as I have been, so I hope that you have found what you have been searching for and good luck in your relationship. I spend time on your site every week checking in, and I love that you share personal bits like this.

You just dissolve any shade of doubt I have about our age difference and help me realize how wonderful it is to be blessed by a great man. Totally joking, I told her that 43 was my limit, because that’s how old Johnny Depp was at the time. We have a wonderful marriage…I think I would go crazy if I had to be with someone who was young.
As a matter of fact young women today are even more attracted to older men than they do men of their own age. When I first hit on him (yes, I did), I knew he was a little older than me, but I certainly didn’t think 15 years! I think it was because while I like to think of myself as an old soul, he was REALLY an old soul, which made his 32 seem more like 52. So the best ages to get along are those whose maturity levels match. My wife is ten years younger than me. It didn’t seem wrong to me at that time, but now thinking one of my daughters should ever date a guy that much older I just freak out a little. Love knows nothing of age, that is true – however, when you are both at different stages of your life, this certainly becomes an obstacle. I hate to say older and wiser, but yes, he is older and wiser than I, and I am forever grateful for him teaching me to see things through his eyes.
He is 10 years older than me, but sometimes I feel like that I am the older one ;)I hope everyone has someone like He is to me. I think my husband and I (same age) even decided to have children earlier than we would have normally as I want my child to have a grandad for most of their childhood and teens – and hopefully longer! And now one of my best friends is going out with a man 14 years her senior after many unhappy years with guys her age, and they’re so happy.

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