If you’ve been dating the same guy for some time now, you may find yourself running out of fun and exciting activities to do with him. You don’t really have to spend too much money to plan the best date ever, but it may take a little bit of planning. If your boyfriend loves to play video games (and he most likely does) choose a video game that he likes and challenge him to a two-player video game marathon.
The sun, sand, and sea hold an abundance of fun activities you and your boyfriend can do together. If your boyfriend is constantly stressed at work or school, you can help him relieve that tension by going for a couple’s massage at the nearest spa. Roller skating may have lost its hip factor after the 80s came and went, but it’s still a lot of fun, so bring out your old roller skates and head down to the nearest roller rink for a fun night on wheels.
If there’s a classic horror movie playing in theaters, then buy a ticket and scare yourselves silly, you can also rent a scary movie and watch it in the comfort of your own home.
Strike up some friendly competition by challenging your boyfriend to a one-on-one basketball game or a tennis match. Doing special things for your boyfriend keeps your relationship strong by reminding him just how important he is to you.
If the book idea doesn't fit your guy, maybe he had a favorite toy or possession as a child that he lost or gave away. Organizing his old pictures and keepsakes into a scrapbook, which is something he'll have to know about in advance, but sweet nonetheless. Take old pictures, movie ticket stubs, special notes, and anything else you have that represents your relationship and arrange it in a collage he can hang in his room. A shadow box, which will allow you to add larger, bulkier items, like the pen he borrowed as an excuse to get your name and ask you out. When you're sitting and holding hands, put your other hand on top and lean in to get even closer.
In most cases, you'll probably want to save the true make-out sessions for private moments no matter what your stance is on PDAs, but you can always show your boyfriend--and others--just how much he means to you by leaning in a little closer or giving him a quick hug or kiss. There are cute couple poses that you should try out the next time you”re lounging around with your partner.
Instead of grabbing at other parts of the body, all you have to do is touch your foreheads together. Life has been throwing you a curveball or two and maybe, and you"ve stopped making those romantic gestures, instead taking your frustration out on your significant other.
Choosing between your heart and your head can be difficult when you"re deciding which path to take in life.
If you"re dying to catch a movie with your #crush, there are tips on texting him for a date. Some #people aren’t aware of all of the fabulous holiday gifts you can get for your boyfriend. Whether you"re still interested in your #ex or just want to make him suffer, there are ways to make him regret breaking up with you.
Don"t assume that your ex was the greatest person you could ever date, because there are plenty of signs you deserve someone better than him. It"s terrifying to think about dating again after a heartbreak, but you eventually have to move on from your ex.
If you and your #boyfriend get carried away, you"ll need to know ways to cover up a love bite, otherwise known as a hickey. Of course, you would want to change things up a little from time to time and do something really special with him.

Here are 23 exciting and fun activities you and your boyfriend can try to shake up date night every once in a while. Pick out a mix of movies you both like or choose some of his favorite films and alternate them with movies you like to watch, and invite him over to your place for a movie marathon.
Make sure you are well stocked with all the essentials like snacks and drinks, because it’s going to be a long, but fun date. You can spend the whole day together enjoying the attractions the theme park has to offer and when you need to take a break, just sit down on a bench and watch people as they pass by while having a snack. There’s always a new dance craze circulating in cyberspace so you can just copy that and add your own flavor to it, or if you can come up with your own dance steps and start the craze yourself. Instead of groaning whenever you hear the same old Christmas songs, you should allow yourself to feel the holiday cheer. You don"t want to come across desperate, but you don"t want it to seem like you don"t care about him either, so you have to be careful with what you say.
Even if you felt like your #relationship with him was perfect, you have to remember that it ended for a reason. They aren"t too provocative, so you shouldn"t feel uncomfortable while playing them with your partner.
When you’re in love, there isn’t going to be a flashing neon sign over your head, you know.
Yes, that’s right – there’s more than one way to have your heart broken, or to do the heart breaking. You might be proud of the mark because it shows that someone loves you, but your parents and professors don"t want to see it. Just make sure that you don’t invite your friends so you can give each other your undivided attention. Call some common friends to do a blind taste test to determine the winner or just enjoy the food you cooked by yourselves.
Buy an inflatable pool and set it up in your backyard and have fun splashing around on a hot summer day.
It’s not only a lot of fun, it strengthens your bond and the trust that you have for each other. Just do what comes naturally to the two of you and you’ll surely find fun things to do with your boyfriend.
Say what's on your mind, whether it's a general compliment or an "I love you." Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and saying sweet things to your significant other will make him feel appreciated. If you're lucky, his favorite book won't be terribly obscure and you'll be able to easily find a copy in your local bookstore. This one takes some planning, so keep your camera handy and hang on to any little thing that reminds you of your dates.
Observe your boyfriend's reactions or take a look at the 5 Love Languages site together to determine the best way to keep your relationship strong and express your love for one another.
All that matters is that you have the photos for yourself to hold on to your special memories.
Maybe you"re wondering if you should follow your dream of becoming an singer or go to medical school. Since you"re typing things out, you"ll have more #time to think about your wording than if you were speaking face-to-face, so you shouldn"t feel too nervous. Regardless of if you’ve been dating for 6 months or 6 years, here are 15 holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend.1. If you"ve been feeling run down and sick without actually being ill, take a long hard look at your #relationship.

Once you learn the signs your #boyfriend wants you to dump him, you get to drop him quickly and move on to a better guy. Unfortunately, there is a variety of breakups that most #people seem to go through at some point in their life, and most of them need to be dealt with in different ways to speed up recovery.
Get the family members to love you and he'll be looking at you with a renewed sense of appreciation. As part of a partnership who has experienced the ups and downs of a relationship, here are my suggestions for romantic gestures to let your partner know that they still are the most important person in your #world, even when the going gets tough:1.
Either way, choosing between your heart and your head is a major decision that you need to think through. Combining love with the other things every good relationship needs is a great #recipe to having a truly incredible and happy life together.1. With a little work, you will be able to trust those around you and not be weighed down by always shutting everyone out.1. Here are some of the best kissing games to play with your #partner the next time you see him and can"t wait to touch his lips:1.
You could take him rock-climbing, then come home to shower and watch his favorite movie while eating something he really enjoys or has always been curious about. Stop and ListenAs you get older, you realize that the holidays aren"t actually about the gifts, but are about spending time with your loved ones. Go for It Gradually Don"t text him asking if he wants to hang out over the weekend without sending a "hello" text first. Something as simple as a picture of you two for his desk is an easy way to show you care and that you’re thoughtful.2.
Ask if He’d like to Go The first step to shopping with your #boyfriend is to ask if he’d like to go. Be Confident If you see him at the mall, you shouldn"t run and hide, or put your head down and hope that he walks past you. Brace yourself and learn how to best handle a holiday breakup and still be at least a little cheerful.1.
You Weren"t Yourself If you had to change your personality or dye your #hair to make him happy, then he"s not the right one for you. Everyone"s Different Remember that the new #men you meet aren"t going to act exactly the same as your ex did. Danger It"s tempting to follow your heart, but if it"s telling you to do something dangerous, ignore it.
Eyes Say It All One of the most common ways couples understand each other without #words is through eye contact.
But when I ask her about her previous relationships and #men she’s been most happy with, you"ll see that"s not always true.
One of the #first signs your boyfriend wants you to dump him is he starts suddenly blaming you for everything. Focus on the Holiday One of the #best ways to deal with a holiday breakup is to put all your focus on the holiday itself.

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